Parents Send Heartbreaking Prayer Request After Baby Alfie Stops Breathing

International   |   Micaiah Bilger   |   Aug 22, 2017   |   6:09PM   |   London, England

Another British family is in a desperate battle to save their son, Alfie.

Alfie Evans has been in a coma since December, but doctors are not sure exactly why, the Liverpool Echo reports. This week, his parents sent out a desperate plea for prayers after their 15-month-old son stopped breathing and his heart rate slowed.

Tom Evans and Kate James said their son has an unknown brain condition, but he has shown signs of improvement. They said he was taken off a ventilator three times because his condition improved, and they had his seizures under control for a while. They said Alfie also moves and reacts when they touch him.

This week, however, the little boy’s condition worsened.

“Our gorgeous warrior is not doing good,” his father said. “His heart’s sitting low, he’s not doing his stretches, he’s not breathing and the doctors think this is his brain.

“He’s done so well all these months and we are praying he doesn’t end it soon,” he continued. “Please everyone continue to pray for our boy, as he has changed over the last two days.

On Tuesday, Alfie’s father explained more details about his son’s problems with seizures and an unknown brain disorder.

“… his doctors clearly have said to us that they don’t know the extent of any injury to his brain and that movements that they originally put down to reflexes and seizures – may not be that at all. Alfie has brain function – he is not in a vegetative state – he is not brain dead. He has a future and a life in front of him to live. He hasn’t given up and neither are we,” he wrote.

Evans said they are fighting tooth and nail to give their son the opportunities that some people want to deny him. They are looking for specialists who could offer some sort of treatment to help their son.

The family has not had to take legal action on behalf of Alfie, but doctors did at one point threaten to remove his life support. Many fear that his case could turn out similar to that of Charlie Gard, who died when his life support was removed in July after a long, public battle between his parents and hospital.

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“We will continue to fight … until Alfie wakes up or Alfie gives up,” his father said.

More than 22,000 people have been following the infant’s journey on a Facebook page called Alfie’s Army. Family and friends post frequent updates, photos and requests for the infant and his parents.