Abortion Activists Falsely Claim Pro-Life Groups are Linked to White Supremacists

National   |   Lauretta Brown   |   Aug 17, 2017   |   2:58PM   |   Washington, DC

The National Abortion and Reproductive Rights Action League (NARAL), the oldest abortion advocacy group in the U.S., tweeted claims Wednesday that pro-life organizations have “close ties” to the white supremacists behind the violence in Charlottesville.

They link particularly to white nationalist Matthew Heimbach’s encouragement of attendance at the March for Life.

Heimbach, who gave PBS an interview about his organization of and participation in the Charlottesville rally wrote, in a post for his white nationalist Traditionalist Worker Party group, an encouragement for people to participate in the March for Life.

NARAL took their claims a step further arguing that “it should be no surprise why white supremacists promote #antichoice policies. They disproportionately harm women of color.”

“Until GOP actually takes *ACTION* to eradicate white supremacy & anti-choice extremism their denouncements of ‘hate’ will ring hollow,” they conclude, equating white supremacy with pro-life policies.

The March for Life is not responsible for the actions of the people who choose to promote their events just as Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) was not responsible for the actions of his campaign volunteer James Hodgkinson who shot House Majority Whip Steve Scalise at a baseball practice.

Just as Sen. Sanders denounced Hodgkinson’s violence, March for Life president Jeanne Mancini tweeted a response to NARAL’s attempts to tie pro-lifers with white supremacists.

“The foundation of the #prolife movement is respect 4 the inherent dignity of every person regardless of race,creed,disability, politics,etc,” she tweeted.

“The #prolife movement is against all violence from the womb to the grave,” she emphasized. “The foundation of the #prolife movement is love.”

NARAL also tweeted earlier Wednesday that “Anti-choice groups & white supremacists have something impt in common: They both want to control women’s bodies.”

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NARAL’s brazen attempt to link pro-life beliefs with white supremacists is nothing new in the abortion community. Abortion Dr. Willie Parker made a similar bizarre claim while promoting his book. He claimed pro-lifers are trying to increase the white population by discouraging black women from getting abortions. Yes, really.

“Control the fertility of black woman and thereby you control the fertility of all women,” he claimed. “Paradoxically you say oh you want to decrease abortion services but what you’re really doing is you’re trying to control the fertility of white women. Why? Because if you’re feeling racially vulnerable in terms of with the browning of America, given that by 2050 there’ll be no clear cut numerical majority, it’ll be a constellation of minorities.”

Perhaps the pro-life movement discourages black women from having abortions because they are opposed to abortion and concerned about the high rates of abortion in the black community, not because they are racists or trying to control women’s bodies. In 2012, for example, abortions outnumbered live births in New York City’s black community.

Pro-lifers on Twitter pushed back on NARAL’s messaging that equates them with white supremacists.

LifeNews Note: Lauretta Brown writes for Town Hall, where this column originally appeared.