This Pregnant Woman Was Furious When a Doctor Gave Her the Abortion Drug By Mistake

International   |   Micaiah Bilger   |   Aug 15, 2017   |   12:52PM   |   New Delhi, India

A pregnant woman in India says her doctor mistakenly gave her abortion pills meant for another patient.

The woman, Pratibha, of Kerala, India, did not take the drugs, but she said her doctor argued with her before realizing she was the wrong patient, The News Minute reports. She said she is filing a complaint with the India Ministry of Health.

Her story is not the first of its kind. Earlier this year, LifeNews reported a woman in Winnipeg, Canada also was mistakenly given abortion drugs.

Pratibha, who is two months pregnant, said she visited her doctor, Dr. Shiny, at the Karunagapally Taluk Hospital in Kerala on Aug. 11 for a regular check-up. She said her doctor wrote her a prescription and then asked her to change into a T-shirt and robe and go into the labor room.

When she asked the nurses about the doctor’s orders, they told her that she had been prescribed abortion drugs. A drug store later confirmed for her that the prescription was for abortion drugs, according to the report.

Pratibha said she confronted her doctor about the mistake, and the doctor yelled at her.

“She shouted at me saying she had explained everything to me when I visited her house. I have never visited her house, I was consulting her for the first time! Then she asked another woman who sat behind me, whether she was given any prescription. That is when she realised she got confused with the patients,” Prabitha said.

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LifeNews has reported similar cases in the past. In February, another hospital in India also allegedly gave a pregnant woman abortion drugs by mistake. The mother, Dr. Tarannum Wasif Khan, a dentist from Kurla, India, claimed one of her unborn twins died as a result of the mistake.

In 2015, a British woman said an OB-GYN clinic wrongly told her that her unborn baby had died and gave her abortion drugs to induce labor to expel her dead baby’s body. However, three weeks later, when the woman fainted and went to the hospital, they discovered that her unborn baby still was alive.

In a sickening case out of Australia several years ago, the Royal Women’s Hospital allegedly aborted the “wrong” twin. One of the unnamed woman’s twins was healthy, but the other had a congenital heart defect; and she chose to have the unhealthy twin aborted. However, something went wrong and doctors accidentally aborted the “wrong” baby, according to the allegations. In the end, both of the woman’s unborn babies ended up dying.