Abortion Activists Want More Men to Speak Up for Killing Unborn Babies

National   |   Micaiah Bilger   |   Aug 10, 2017   |   3:53PM   |   Washington, DC

Abortion activists scream in protest when men speak up for the rights of unborn babies. But they are more than welcoming of men who support abortion on demand.

A new Chicago campaign even is recruiting men as abortion activists. “CallBulls—”, a campaign of the Personal PAC, is using more than $100,000 to target men with ads promoting abortion, according to the Chicago Tribune.

“Women’s reproductive health and freedoms are being trampled at an astonishing pace,” the campaign states. “Men need to be more informed and far more active about what’s happening with women and their lives.”

The campaign compares aborting an unborn baby to Viagra or vasectomies by asking men how they would feel if they had to travel hundreds of miles to get them. It’s a false comparison because Viagra and vasectomies do not kill human lives, but abortion activists do not seem to realize the difference.

The campaign has ads running on a number of popular social media sites to urge more men to support legalized killing. It also has T-shirts and other promotional items that celebrate abortion.

Here’s more from the report:

The digital media campaign from Personal PAC includes the Chicago-based group Men4Choice and is aimed at demonstrating to men that their reproductive health rights don’t face the same potential government restrictions that confront women.

The effort also is part of Personal PAC’s advocacy for Illinois legislation to expand abortion rights, which Republican Gov. Bruce Rauner has said he would veto. More broadly, the campaign is aimed at creating activism ahead of next year’s elections for governor and the General Assembly.

The campaign goal is “to give men a rallying cry and organizing tool to activate their support of women and their right to make decisions for themselves.”

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But in doing so, men are fighting against their own rights as fathers to protect and care for their children before birth and, most importantly, fighting against their unborn children’s right to life. Pregnancy and abortion do not just affect women. They affect the whole family.

Many women realize this. And it’s why women are some of the strongest advocates against abortion in America today. Last year, the New York Times described the abortion issue as more of a war between women than a war on them, citing polling showing that conservative women tend to be more strongly pro-life than conservative men.

“In other words, conservative women are the most anti-abortion segment of the population, and liberal women are the most in favor of abortion rights. You might say that the more significant difference here is not between men and women, but among women,” according to the report.

Abortion activists are not supporting women when they advocate for abortion. True support of women means providing for women and their children, not telling them that the best solution to their problems is to kill their unborn baby. Families — women, men and babies — deserve better.