Young Abortion Activists Hate Pro-Lifers: “These Dinosaurs Will Eventually Die Out”

National   |   Micaiah Bilger   |   Aug 4, 2017   |   4:04PM   |   Washington, DC

Young abortion activists in Australia are demanding that taxpayers be forced to pay the bill for aborting their unborn babies.

The liberal website BuzzFeed recently profiled several of the young activists and their work to promote the killing of unborn babies across Australia. One even went so far as to hope that pro-lifers will “die out” so that women can abort their unborn babies for free and without restriction.

Australian state laws vary on abortion. New South Wales and Queensland prohibit abortions except when there is a danger to a woman’s health, according to ABC. Victoria, Tasmania and the Australian Capital Territory allow abortions up to 9 months, though there are some restrictions for late-term abortions.

But abortion activists want to see these restrictions gone and make every taxpayer in the country pay for women’s abortions.

Anna Groth, a young woman from New South Wales, told BuzzFeed, said she was “disgusted” when her state lawmakers voted against a bill to decriminalize abortion.

“To sit in that parliament and see en masse how disconnected the conservative politicians are from the women and girls the bill seeks to support was confronting,” Groth said. “The dinosaurs will eventually die out in the glow of women’s wisdom, but until then we actually have to listen to their ill-informed views and suffer the consequences.”

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Groth does not just want the killing of unborn babies to be legal; she also wants taxpayers to pay for the deadly procedure.

“I am fervently for abortion to be seen as it is, a medical termination of pregnancy…not an item to purchase in the private system,” she said.

Groth had a difficult experience that led her to become an abortion activist. She claims a hospital delayed giving her an abortion when she was in a life-threatening circumstance. According to BuzzFeed, she had a septic miscarriage after taking the first of two abortion drugs, but the hospital had her wait until she passed her aborted baby naturally, rather than perform a surgical abortion.

If her life indeed was threatened, she should have been able to have an abortion because the law allows abortions when women’s lives are threatened. What ever happened, Groth now is advocating not just for the abortion of unborn babies in rare circumstances – such as risks to the mother’s physical health – but in all circumstances.

Likewise, Queenslander Daile Kelleher is campaigning for every woman’s “right” to kill her unborn baby. Yet, Kelleher called it threatening to be exposed to the truth about what she is advocating for.

“I had men threatening to send me pictures of aborted fetuses,” she told the liberal site.

In their angry rhetoric, abortion activists ignore how they are pushing to allow women to kill their own children in violent, barbaric abortion procedures. Babies in the womb deserve rights, just as babies outside the womb do. Fortunately, some states in Australia still recognize that.