His Mother Almost Aborted Him, But God Intervened

International   |   Micaiah Bilger   |   Aug 3, 2017   |   11:01AM   |   Nigeria

Dr. Oluomo Oluleye praises God for giving his mother the courage to reject abortion.

Oluleye, a respected leader in the Nigerian government and the son of a Nigerian Army general, revealed in a recent interview with Vanguard Nigeria how his mother almost aborted him.

He recalled talking with his mother in 1991, not long before she died. Oluleye said they were walking together in Ife-Odan when she explained how she was pressured to abort him. She said her community disapproved of Oluleye’s father and wanted her to find a husband among her own people.

“She told me that in those days people were not encouraged to marry outside their community and that for my father to have come from far away Ekiti land, she was sure to be abandoned,” he said. “Moreover, there were so many suitors in town for her.”

At one point, when she was pregnant with Oluleye, a local man who performed abortions on young girls approached her and tried to persuade her to abort him.

Oluleye said his mother “completely refused.” She said the only way she would lose him was if he died naturally in a miscarriage.

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“If she had listened to the counsel of the ‘abortion specialist,’ I definitely will not be here today,” Oluleye said. “This was God’s first intervention in my life as a fetus; as He had decreed that I must come into the world to fulfill a destiny. And here I am today.”

Many people believe that most women abort their unborn babies from selfish motivations, but personal stories and studies indicate that, for many women, the situation is much more complex. Pressures from society, family, a partner or friends often strongly influence many women’s decisions. As a result, many of these women feel afraid, unsupported and fearful that they will not be able to care for a baby on their own.

One study of post-abortive women found that more than half said they felt pressured by someone – often a partner or parent – to have the abortion.

Oluleye’s mother had the courage and strength to reject the pressure she faced and give her unborn son life. Her story is an encouraging example of the hope that results when women choose life for their unborn babies.