Mother Survives Open Heart Surgery While Giving Birth at the Same Time

State   |   Micaiah Bilger   |   Aug 1, 2017   |   3:47PM   |   Charlotte, North Carolina

North Carolina mom Danielle Gaither believes she and her baby boy are still alive for a reason.

In February, Gaither almost died while pregnant with her son, Fox 46 WJZY reports. But the mother and son are still alive today after quick-thinking doctors performed open heart surgery and a cesarean section simultaneously to save their lives.

This week, the mother finally was well enough to go home to her family in Monroe, North Carolina.

Gaither suffers from Marfan syndrome, a chronic condition that affects the heart, eyes, bones and blood vessels, and she began experiencing life-threatening complications in February.

“My chest was hurting; my stomach was hurting. The ambulance had to come and pick me up off the floor,” she told the local news.

Pregnant, Gaither was flown to the Carolinas Medical Center where doctors immediately decided to try a risky dual operation – open heart surgery and a C-section. Gaither was given just a 1-percent chance of survival, according to the report.

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Her baby boy K.V.’s condition was better. He was able to go home from the hospital much sooner than his mother. Gaither spent several months in the hospital recovering from her surgery and finally went home on Monday, the report states.

“It was hard for me to learn how to walk,” Gaither said. “The first day I came I probably walked five steps. Now I’m walking 250 steps.”

Gaither said she is so thankful for her mother who has been helping her and her family since February.

Now home with her four children, Gaither said she wants to share her miraculous story with her church and community.

“My life is special and I need to be here for my kids,” she said. “I’m going to share my story and go to my church and share my testimony. Life is great. Life is good. Don’t take your life for granted.”