Tennessee Planned Parenthood Wants to Stop 48 Hour Waiting Period Before Aborting a Baby

State   |   Tennessee Right to Life   |   Jul 27, 2017   |   4:10PM   |   Nashville, TN

In a separate lawsuit originally brought by privately-owned abortion facilities across the state, motions were filed Wednesday, July 26, in Nashville’s federal district court asking that both Planned Parenthood affiliates and the Knoxville Center for Reproductive Health be allowed to join the lawsuit seeking to strike down the 2015 informed consent and 48-hour waiting period law. This case is Adams & Boyle, P.C., et al. v. Slatery, et al.

“As a result of the Delay Requirement, abortion clinics must now schedule an additional, medically unnecessary counseling visit for each patient,” lawyers for the abortion providers argue.  “The physician time and clinic space needed for these medically unnecessary appointments has reduced the physician time and clinic space available to serve patients…(they) cannot simply increase the number of appointments per day and/or extend their hours in an attempt to reduce these wait times, both because they do not have the staff and/or physical space available to do so, and because it would require further raising the cost of the procedure, putting abortion out of reach for even more Tennessee women.”

(Tennessee’s pro-life law)”forces a woman to remain pregnant against her wishes for at least 48 hours, and often longer….”

Tennessee Right to Life released a statement responding to the pro-abortion maneuver.

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“It’s beyond tragic for Tennessee’s abortion industry to oppose even the most basic legal safeguards for women, girls and unborn children in our state,” said Emily Dobbs, spokeswoman for Tennessee Right to Life.

“Requiring minimal health and safety standards at facilities, fully-informed consent and a short waiting period ensure that we are not an abortion-on-demand destination,” said Dobbs. “Tennessee is a pro-life state and we will continue to advocate for those vulnerable women and girls who are open to choosing life when given adequate time and alternatives to make a fully-informed decision.”