Clinic That Killed Babies in Abortions for Over 30 Years Finally Closes Down

State   |   Monica Miller   |   Jul 14, 2017   |   6:29PM   |   Lathrup Village, Michigan

This abortion clinic, that has been in operation for over 30 years, originally owned by abortionist Alberto Hodari, then sold to abortionist Jacob Kalo, is no longer in operation and indeed is up for sale!  Here is the for sale sign with Lynn Mills of Pro-life Detroit (left)  your CPLS director, and Lathrup Village pro-lifer Linda Piotrowski.

The closing was confirmed when a CPLS member called the Kalo clinic in West Bloomfield, Michigan to inquire about his clinic in Lathrup Village and was told “Yes, we are associated with that one, but it is no longer open.”

The clinic has seen its share of scandal and operational difficulties over these many years including the abortion-related deaths of at least three women, Chevon Williams, Regina Johnson and 15 year-old Tamiia Russell.  More recently, in February 2014 a woman named Jessica suffered severe complications when at Woman Care Reginald Sharpe performed an abortion on her 23 week unborn baby.

Beginning in December 2013 the clinic was inspected by LARA (Licensing and Regulatory Affairs) and the clinic, now owned by Kalo, continued to fail 4 subsequent 2014 state inspections.

In November 2014 the Attorney General of Michigan ordered an emergency shut-down of the facility. After a nearly two-year shut down, the clinic unfortunately was permitted to re-open.  But within the last 12 months Woman Care never seemed to be able to get back into the swing of things, operating with only a skeleton crew, few services, few hours—while trying to give the appearance that the abortion clinic was back in business even to the point of mounting a small, cheap neon sign in the front door window saying “OPEN.”

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In 2008 Citizens for a Pro-Life Society discovered the remains of aborted babies in the trash dumpster located in the alley behind the clinic when owned by Alberto Hodari. In addition, our group found extensive bio-hazard waste as well as over 200 in-tact patient records. The clinic was cited for violations of the state’s sanitation code by Michigan department of Environmental Quality. Oakland County District Attorney’s Office brought 12 charges against Hodari for violating the rights of patients regarding the improper disposal of medical records and the clinic was also found to be in violation of patient rights and confidentiality under HIPAA federal regulations. He pled “no contest” to the Oakland County charges and was given a mere 6 months probation!