New Abortion Doula Class Teaches How to Hold a Woman’s Hand While She Kills Her Baby

National   |   Micaiah Bilger   |   Jul 5, 2017   |   1:00PM   |   Washington, DC

Abortion activists held a class last week in Denver, Colorado to teach doulas how to support women’s decisions to abort their unborn babies.

Traditionally, doulas are people who provide emotional support and education to women through their pregnancies, labor and sometimes into the first few months of parenting. But abortion activists now are training doulas to encourage and support aborting unborn babies.

Vice reports the Colorado Doula Project organized the first formal abortion doula training in the state last week, and 50 people attended. The pro-abortion group said there already is a waiting list for the next training.

The group described the role of an abortion doula this way:

She can answer basic questions about the procedure and correct any misinformation the client might have, but her most important job is to be there for her client in their most vulnerable moment. An abortion doula might hold the client’s hand through the procedure, make conversation to distract them from discomfort, and join them in the recovery room afterward, offering heating pads for cramps and talking through whatever emotions the client is experiencing. These are intense, complicated, often physically difficult experiences.

Two people who attended the abortion training said they came because of their own pregnancy experiences.

According to the report:

Martinez Valentín has no regrets about keeping her unplanned pregnancy at 22, but the ostracization she faced as a young single parent made her realize that women’s reproductive choices are all too often stigmatized.

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“I was young and terrified and in need of support, but in my church I was being looked down on and being embarrassed for making the choice everyone said was the right thing to do,” she says, “Now I have a daughter who’s 19, and I will take to the streets for her to be able to access birth control and abortion.”

Melissa, a trainee who preferred I not use her last name, terminated a pregnancy at 17. “It was kind of a fairy-tale abortion,” she recalls. “I had all the emotional support I needed, and I know most people don’t get that.” Melissa hopes that volunteering as an abortion doula will allow her to share her experience of being validated during a vulnerable time.

The report makes it clear that politics are a strong motivator for the pro-abortion organizers and trainees. Abortion activists suffered huge losses last fall when the American public elected strong pro-life leaders to state and federal government positions. The abortion doula project is just one way they are fighting to keep the ability to kill a baby in the womb legal.

Addressing the current political climate, Colorado abortion doula Piper Bonacquist told Vice: “You look around and it’s like, what the f— can I do? This is something we can do. We can make one person’s life a little better.”

To make women’s lives “a little better,” they are promoting the destruction of other people’s lives. They are encouraging women to kill their own unborn babies.

It’s doubtful that these abortion doulas are truly educating women about abortion and their alternatives. Most abortion activists claim that women do not regret their abortions or risk suffering from physical or emotional problems afterward. They claim abortions are very safe for women. Yet, numerous studies have found links between abortion and physical and emotional health problems, including depression, anxiety, suicidal tendencies, substance abuse, future premature births and breast cancer.

Abortion activists tend to avoid educating women about their unborn baby’s development, too. Some even claim that sharing facts about unborn babies “shames” women.

The pro-abortion group is right about one thing: Support is vitally important when women are pregnant and parenting. But these abortion activists are not training doulas to provide accurate information and support to women; they are training them to promote killing unborn babies in abortions.