New Comedy “Choice, The Musical” Celebrates Abortion

National   |   Micaiah Bilger   |   Jun 29, 2017   |   9:16AM   |   Washington, DC

A new musical comedy debuted last week in Chicago to prompt people to laugh at something few people think is a laughing matter – abortion.

An abortion destroys an unborn baby’s life in a brutal, violent manner, and often causes emotional or physical suffering for the baby’s mother. But some abortion activists have been trying to “normalize” it through comedy shows, movies, storytelling and other means – anything that will draw people’s attention away from the reality of what an abortion actually is.

That appears to be the goal of abortion advocate and author Sheri Flanders for her new production, “Choice – The Musical.” The show premiered June 23 at the MCL Chicago Comedy Theater in Chicago.

The play is a coming-of-age story about Ellie, a young Evangelical Christian pro-lifer who confronts abortion advocates for the first time in her life. Soon, Ellie has to make a big decision about what she believes. The play is described as “lighthearted” with silly songs and dances and a narrator puppet named “The Cowboy Fetus.”

According to Nuvo, Flanders claims her play appeals to conservatives and liberals alike. However, it’s clear from descriptions that she and her fellow writers are pushing a pro-abortion agenda.

“I am a liberal, atheist feminist who is staunchly pro-choice, but we wrote the musical from the perspective of our main character, Ellie, who is a young pro-life Evangelical Christian,” Flanders told the entertainment news outlet. “Myself and many of the writers and cast of Choice were raised in a variety of different religious households, so we were able to write Ellie and all of the pro-life characters with true compassion and love because we infused them with bits of real people that we grew up with and still know, respect, and love.”

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Flanders said the idea for the abortion musical began as a “raunchy joke” with her peers, and she felt hesitant at first to write about such a controversial subject. Eventually, though, Flanders said she thought comedy would add something new to the abortion debate.

“Abortion is an issue that has no shortage of serious discussion,” she said. “We realized early on that we didn’t want to simply rehash the debates or have the audience leave the theater feeling that they had been preached to. We want people to feel entertained and elevated. Honestly, comedy is the only avenue left for a fresh take on the issue.”

She continued: “No matter what your politics are, everyone can relate to the feelings of the first time you have to stand up for yourself and put everything on the line. We poke fun at both liberals and conservatives equally …”

This seems doubtful given the show’s billing. The language is very much pro-abortion, bringing up the abortion business Planned Parenthood and describing how abortion access is being “rolled back weekly” and Roe v. Wade is in jeopardy because of President Donald Trump.

Without actually seeing the play, “Choice – The Musical” appears to be little more than another vain attempt to convince society that killing unborn babies is acceptable and normal.