David Daleiden: Planned Parenthood is “Terrified” About More Videos I Have Exposing Aborted Baby Sales

National   |   Micaiah Bilger   |   Jun 29, 2017   |   5:20PM   |   Milwaukee, WI

Hailed as the hero by pro-life advocates and despised by abortion activists, David Daleiden is the man of the hour in the national abortion debate.

Just two years ago, few knew Daleiden’s name. But today he is widely regarded as the young man who exposed Planned Parenthood’s gruesome dealings in aborted baby body parts to the nation.

On Thursday, Daleiden described his undercover work to a large crowd at the National Right to Life Convention in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

“Today Planned Parenthood has never been more exposed for the monster abortion business that they really are,” Daleiden said. “Their mask is slipping.”

The undercover videos by Daleiden’s Center for Medical Progress have made a huge impact, prompting numerous state investigations and legislation to defund Planned Parenthood in 26 states and the federal government.

The videos led to “substantial eroding of Planned Parenthood’s credibility and reputation,” Daleiden said, referring to a quote from pro-abortion billionaire George Soros’s Open Societies Foundation.

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The pro-life investigative journalist spent 30 months investigating the nation’s largest abortion chain before releasing more than a dozen videos that show the ins and outs of its abortion practices and partnerships with companies that trade in aborted babies’ body parts.

Daleiden caught top Planned Parenthood leaders on film negotiating prices for aborted babies’ brains, lungs, hearts and kidneys. His undercover videos show them joking about babies’ eyeballs falling out, talking about crushing babies’ heads, and explaining how they turn the baby in the womb before killing it to more easily harvest its organs.

He pointed out that none of the abortionists in the videos ever disavowed their statements; they do claim the CMP videos are deceptive, but they never say how.

“Planned Parenthood and their allies continue to murmur the lies that my videos are heavily edited,” Daleiden said. “In reality, my videos are heavily accurate.”

Daleiden talked about the abortion chain’s relationship with Stem Express, a company that collects and sells aborted babies’ body parts to researchers. Until recently, Daleiden said Stem Express advertised on its website that it would be “financially profitable” for abortion clinics to work with it on harvesting aborted babies’ body parts.

In the course of his investigation, Daleiden discovered a close relationship between Stem Express and Planned Parenthood Mar Monte, the largest abortion affiliate in the U.S. Daleiden said the affiliate kills about 18,000 unborn babies every year in abortions.

In its contracts with Stem Express, Daleiden said the company agreed to pay Planned Parenthood $55 for every usable specimen (aborted baby part). Some aborted babies yield multiple parts, but Daleiden said if each abortion yielded just one usable part, the affiliate would bring in $1 million each year from baby parts alone.

“Stem Express advertised at abortion industry trade shows with brochures promising that body parts would contribute to the ‘fiscal growth’ of abortion clinics,” Daleiden said.

Daleiden said he has more videos from the National Abortion Federation conference, but a gag order from a judge is preventing him from releasing them. He said Planned Parenthood is “terrified” that the tapes will become public because they will further confirm that they illegally sold aborted babies’ body parts.

“Planned Parenthood desperately wants to silence me, shut down the videos and pretend like all this never happened,” Daleiden said.

Daleiden encouraged lawmakers to keep working to strip funding from the abortion chain, and urged the Department of Justice to investigate Planned Parenthood. He said defunding Planned Parenthood will be a giant step toward protecting human lives from abortion in the United States.

“Without Planned Parenthood’s industrial scale, state-sponsored child killing will be consigned to the dustbin where it belongs,” Daleiden said.

He urged pro-life advocates to continue working to expose Planned Parenthood by sharing the undercover videos and telling their friends about Planned Parenthood’s top priority: aborting unborn babies.

“They are pulling out all the stops, … pulling in all their last political favors to keep full-scale, government funded industrialized child killing,” Daleiden said. “If we keep steady, we can win. And we will will, no matter how much blood money Planned Parenthood reaps in, no matter how smooth and glittering their meticulous deception … If we stay focused, we will hasten the day when there is no longer a price tag put on human life.”