Horrible Mix-Up: Hospital Allegedly Gave Abortion Drug to Mom of Twins and One of Her Babies Dies

International   |   Micaiah Bilger   |   Jun 22, 2017   |   3:11PM   |   New Delhi, India

A hospital in India is being investigated after a pregnant mother claims she was mistakenly given abortion drugs and one of her twins died.

The India Times reports Dr. Tarannum Wasif Khan, a dentist from Kurla, a suburb of Mumbai, India, was pregnant with twin girls when she was admitted Jaslok Hospital in February for routine observation. She was 25-weeks pregnant at the time.

In a horrific mix-up, Khan believes a nurse at the hospital gave her the wrong drugs on Feb. 2, causing her to go into premature labor, according to the report. She claims a nurse gave her the abortion drug Misoprost, or misoprostol, which causes labor to begin, rather than a drug to prevent early labor.

“I remember the strip the nurse gave me had four tablets. Microgest, which my doctor Dr Purnima Satoskar had prescribed, is a six-tablet strip,” Khan said. “I later found out that it is Misoprost that comes in a four-tablet strip.”

Khan said she was not experiencing any signs of labor until after she took the drug. She gave birth to her twin girls on the evening of Feb. 2. One baby girl survived, but the other died on Feb. 19 due to breathing complications, according to the report. One can only question whether both girls would have survived if they had not been born so prematurely.

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The hospital denies giving Khan the wrong medicine; a spokesperson said they investigated Khan’s complaint and did not find evidence of negligence.

Now, another medical board is investigating the case.

Here’s more from the report:

Dr Khan filed a complaint with the hospital on February 15 and followed it up with another at the Gamdevi police station on March 30 after “the hospital refused to own up to its mistake.”

Dr Tarang Gianchandani, CEO of Jaslok Hospital, on Wednesday told Mumbai Mirror that an internal inquiry did not find any lapse on the part of its medical staff in the case. She said that while there was a patient admitted with the hospital for medical termination of pregnancy, she was not on the same floor as Dr Khan and thus there was no possibility of a mix-up in administering medicines. “I have full sympathy with the patient. We did everything possible to save the other baby. Both mom and the baby were discharged from the hospital hale and hearty. The patient’s family demanded that we waive off the entire bill on account of negligence on our part that led to the death of the other baby. But since there was no negligence, why should we waive the bill off,” she said.

Khan said her living daughter spent several months in the hospital because she was born so prematurely. She was able to take her daughter home in April, according to the report.

The investigating medical board at JJ Hospital plans to submit a report on its findings to police once it is completed, the report states.

LifeNews has reported similarly tragic cases in the past. In 2015, a British woman said an OB-GYN clinic wrongly told her that her unborn baby had died and gave her abortion drugs to induce labor to expel her dead baby’s body. However, three weeks later, when the woman fainted and went to the hospital, they discovered that her unborn baby still was alive.

In a sickening case out of Australia several years ago, the Royal Women’s Hospital allegedly aborted the “wrong” twin. One of the unnamed woman’s twins was healthy, but the other had a congenital heart defect; and she chose to have the unhealthy twin aborted. However, something went wrong and doctors accidentally aborted the “wrong” baby, according to the allegations. In the end, both of the woman’s unborn babies ended up dying.