Girl Dies After Operation Trying to Correct Her Disabilities So Her Mother Would Finally Love Her

International   |   Micaiah Bilger   |   Jun 22, 2017   |   7:16PM   |   Moscow, Russia

A Russian reality TV show took a heartbreaking turn when a girl with disabilities died on an operating table, hoping that fixing her deformities would make her mother love her.

According to the Daily Mail, Katya Badaeva, 17, and her mother both were featured on the Russian TV show “Pust Govoriat” (Let Them Talk) recently.

Katya’s mother said she abandoned her daughter as a baby because she had physical deformities and her small village never would have accepted her. Katya grew up in an orphanage in Azovska, Russia; but the show reunited the mother and daughter, according to the report.It appears that Katya never was adopted, but reports are not clear.

On the show, Katya’s mother said she would welcome her daughter home if she had plastic surgery to correct her facial deformities; and Katya agreed.

Here’s more from the report:

Dreaming of suddenly having good looks and a family life after her orphanage ordeal, the teenager agreed but never recovered after the latest round of surgery in a clinic in Russian capital Moscow.

The mother said that she had been told after she gave birth that her daughter would not live more than a month, and that was why she had left her at the orphanage.

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However, Katya survived and impressed people at the orphanage so much that they tracked down her mother, with the pair eventually appearing on the reality TV show.

Reportedly her mother, named as Nadezhda, went on to have three healthy children, all boys.

After one of a series of surgeries recently, Katya’s heart suddenly stopped beating, and though doctors tried to resuscitate her for several hours, she died, according to the report.

Police are investigating, the report states.

Cruelly, Katya seemed to think that she was the problem, and her deformities were the reason why her mother did not love or value her. Society often weighs the value of children, both born and unborn, in this harsh and demeaning way. When taken to its extreme, some children like Katya die before they should.

A human being’s worth should not be determined by their abilities or looks but by the very fact that they are a human being with unique and irreplaceable potential. One can only hope that someone in Katya’s life told her that before she died.