Abortion Clinic Caught Arranging Abortions on 33-Week-Old Unborn Babies

State   |   Micaiah Bilger   |   Jun 21, 2017   |   12:46PM   |   Albuquerque, NM

Over and over again, pro-life advocates have caught abortion supporters admitting that late-term unborn babies are aborted for purely elective reasons.

Yet, abortion activists persist in claiming that late-term abortions only occur in rare circumstances when the mother or unborn child has a serious medical problem or is a victim of sexual abuse.

This spring, a new series of undercover investigations exposed this pro-abortion lie once again.

The Washington Times reports:

Priests for Life and Abortion Free New Mexico have released a series of undercover audio recordings of abortion clinic workers scheduling procedures as late as 33 weeks of pregnancy — about a month and a half before the average delivery date of 40 weeks.

What’s more, the pro-life Center for Medical Progress released last month an undercover video of Ann Schutt-Aine, director of abortion services at Planned Parenthood Gulf Coast, admitting to using forceps to hold a fetus inside of a mother’s womb while ripping off its limbs to prevent a partial-birth abortion from taking place.

“That’s exactly what Donald Trump said in the third and final presidential debate,” said Mallory Quigley, communications director for the pro-life Susan B. Anthony List. “He was ridiculed by the media at the time, but in their own words, these abortionists are proving the president was spot on in his analysis about what’s happening.”

The investigation in New Mexico examined the practices of Southwestern Women’s Options in Albuquerque, one of several late-term abortion facilities still operating in the United States. In March, the New Mexico Attorney General’s Office confirmed that it was investigating the abortion clinic for supplying aborted babies’ body parts to the University of New Mexico.

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This spring, pro-life investigators called the clinic posing as women looking for late-term abortions. Their recorded conversations indicate that the abortion clinic is willing not only to abort basically any late-term unborn baby but also to help women figure out how to get taxpayers to pay for their abortions.

On May 2, one investigator called the late-term abortion clinic posing as “Denise,” a 26-year-old woman who was 30-weeks pregnant and seeking an abortion.

Denise told the abortion clinic staff that she had two children and her husband just had lost his job. She said they wanted an abortion because the pregnancy was putting a strain on their finances and marriage and “our world is falling apart.” She indicated that neither she nor her unborn baby had any significant health problems.

The abortion staffer first described how they “euthanize the fetus” and then induce labor, and then she offered to check to see if Medicaid would pay for Denise’s elective abortion.

In another undercover call, the abortion clinic agreed to schedule an abortion for a 33-week unborn baby who had Down syndrome.

Father Stephen Imbarrato of Priests for Life told the Washington Times that New Mexico basically allows abortions for any reason up to birth without restriction.

“There are no restrictions, no oversight, nothing going on with regard to abortion in New Mexico other than that the Democratic Party totally supports it, and the Republican Party, for the most part, is condoning it,” Imbarrato said. “So we have been doing everything necessary to try to bring this to the national spotlight.”

Another undercover recording by the group raised questions about whether the late-term abortion clinic is reporting cases of suspected sexual abuse of minors to authorities.

The issue of late-term abortions rose to the forefront again last fall after Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton sparred about it during a presidential debate.

Trump accurately described the brutality of late-term abortions, while Clinton, a pro-abortion Democrat, said she supports late-term and partial-birth abortions. Clinton tried to gain sympathy for her radical position by implying that most of these abortions are done when a woman’s life or health is at stake or when the baby has major health problems.

Research does not support this, and abortion practitioners have admitted that women do have late-term abortions for “purely elective” reasons.

Martin Haskell, an abortionist and doctor credited with inventing the partial-birth abortion procedure, told “American Medical News” that 80 percent of the abortions he performs between 20-24 weeks are “purely elective.”

Ronald Fitzsimmons, the former executive director of the National Coalition of Abortion Providers, also admitted to the New York Times that late-term, partial-birth abortions were “primarily done on healthy women and healthy fetuses …”