Missouri House Passes Bill to Stop Planned Parenthood Selling Body Parts of Aborted Babies

State   |   Joe Ortwerth   |   Jun 20, 2017   |   10:26AM   |   Jefferson City, MO

A Missouri House Committee has advanced legislation which would foreclose the sale of the body parts of aborted preborn children in Missouri.

The proposal, House Bill 7, is sponsored by Representative Diane Franklin of Camdenton.  The measure was endorsed last week by the House Children and Families Committee, of which she is the chairwoman.

The committee’s action occurs in the midst of a special session called by Governor Eric Greitens which is focused exclusively on pro-life legislative priorities.

Under Representative Franklin’s proposal, all organs and tissue of an unborn child removed during an abortion must be submitted to a board certified pathologist.  Current Missouri law only stipulates that “a representative sample” of fetal tissue be forwarded to a pathologist for examination.

The purpose of Representative Franklin’s proposal is to impede the trafficking of baby body parts from the remains of aborted unborn children.

A series of national undercover videos has revealed that Planned Parenthood employees and contractors have been engaged in the marketing and sale of vital organs and tissue from unborn children who have been victims of abortion.

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In the videos, abortionists at Planned Parenthood explain how they attempt to perform abortions in a way that the brains and vital organs of unborn children can remain intact for subsequent sale.  The videos also show Planned Parenthood authorities haggling over the price to be paid for specific body parts.

Representative Franklin’s bill would require that the pathologist verify “whether all organs and tissue were received that would be common” for an unborn child of the estimated gestational age.

The pathologist would also be required to certify how the organs and fetal tissue from the aborted child were disposed of and the location of such disposal.

The House Children and Families Committees also approved a separate bill which would protect the right of pregnancy resource centers to operate according to their pro-life mission.

That legislation, House Bill 9, is sponsored by Representative Hannah Kelly of Mountain Grove.  It is similar to a bill approved by the Missouri Senate last week which is detailed in the adjacent story.

Representative Kelly’s bill is  a reaction to laws being adopted across the country designed to harass pregnancy resource centers and regulate them out of existence.

The State of Illinois recently enacted a law which requires that crisis pregnancy centers make women aware of “abortion services” and refer their clients for abortion.  That law is now being challenged in state court by 18 different pregnancy resource centers in Illinois.

We encourage you to contact your state representative to urge their support for House Bill 7 and House Bill 9.  You can do so by using this link:
Missouri House

LifeNews.com Note:  Joe Ortwerth writes for the Missouri Family Policy Council.