Pro-Life Trailer Stolen That Shows How Many Unborn Babies Die in Abortions

State   |   Micaiah Bilger   |   Jun 19, 2017   |   5:33PM   |   Little Rock Arkansas

A pro-life outreach tool used throughout Arkansas to raise awareness about the number of babies lost to abortion was stolen over the weekend, according to Arkansas Right to Life.

In a message online Monday, the pro-life group said the trailer for its Crosses for Life Memorial Outreach was stolen from its Life Center in Little Rock sometime between Saturday afternoon and Monday morning.

The memorial is a traveling display of about 4,000 white crosses that symbolize the lives of unborn babies who are killed in abortions in the United States. Various pro-life and religious groups use the trailer and display throughout the year to raise awareness about the devastating effects of abortion in their communities.

Arkansas RTL says the display “promote[s] the sanctity of human life and educate the general public on the toll that legal abortion has taken on our nation since the legalization of abortion in 1973.”

On Twitter on Monday afternoon, Arkansas RTL posted a photo that appears to be from a security camera showing the person who is believed to have stolen the trailer:

Anyone who has seen the trailer or has more information about it should call the Little Rock Police at 501-371-4829.

Vandalism and other crimes against pro-lifers have become growing problems across the U.S. and Canada. Pro-life billboards and displays are vandalized frequently.

Last summer, a Canadian news outlet reported a pro-life billboard in British Columbia was vandalized multiple times in a month, once with black swastikas. The billboard, sponsored by the Kelowna Right to Life Society, shows pictures of a puppy and an unborn child at about 12 weeks gestation, along with the words: “Kill puppy: Cruelty!” and “Kill baby: ‘Choice.’”

On college campuses in the past few months, student abortion activists have vandalized pro-life displays and then bragged about their actions. In March, a pro-life student display at the University of Colorado at Boulder was vandalized, and another one was vandalized in April at Texas State University. Last October, pro-abortion feminists vandalized a student pro-life display at Marquette University in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, LifeNews reported. The university’s student Democrats club later praised the feminists’ actions.