Amazing Photo Shows Moment When Terrified 12-year-Old Delivers Her Baby Brother

National   |   Micaiah Bilger   |   Jun 9, 2017   |   5:46PM   |   Jackson, Mississippi

A Mississippi family shared a very special moment together Tuesday when their 12-year-old daughter helped deliver her baby brother.

Dede Carraway said her daughter, Jacee, really wanted to be in the delivery room when her baby brother was born, according to the Daily Mail.

Carraway said she and her husband, Zack, thought 12-year-old Jacee was old enough, so they let her join them in the delivery room Tuesday at the Baptist Hospital in Jackson, Mississippi.

The family was in for a big surprise when their ob-gyn, Dr. Walter Wolf, invited Jacee to help him deliver her baby brother.

Jacee described what happened to the local news, “I started crying because I thought I wasn’t going to get to see him be born, because I was too short.”

The 12-year-old said she was shocked when the doctor saw her tears and suggested that she put on scrubs and gloves and help deliver her brother. She agreed. In the process, her father began taking photos to capture the special event.

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Jacee’s shock and awe continued when her baby brother arrived. She said the doctor let her help hold her brother as he came out of their mother’s womb.

“I was like, wow, like I’ve played fake doctor before, but this is, like, the real thing,” Jacee said. “This is the real deal. I was really nervous. … he let me actually push down and pull the baby out.”

Her parents said Dr. Wolf guided Jacee’s hands as they delivered baby Cayson. The little boy was born weighing 7 pounds, 6 ounces, according to the local news.

Later, the Carraways posted the photos online and shared them with the local news where hundreds of thousands of people have looked at them.

The family said their doctor is “amazing,” and Jacee said she will never forget the experience.