Nevada Bill to Legalize Assisted Suicide Dies Without a Vote

State   |   Nevada Right to Life   |   Jun 8, 2017   |   5:42PM   |   Carson City, Nevada

SB261, doctor assisted suicide, is dead. It died without a vote from the Assembly Health and Human Services Committee at the stroke of midnight Tuesday night.

This is a huge win. Defeating SB261 was Nevada Right to Life’s number one priority this session and we played a huge and vital part in its defeat. Our president Melissa Clement was at the legislature almost daily, lobbying legislators and organizing events and testimony.

Nevada Right to Life’s communication team led by Don Nelson was at the center of communicating with the media, arranging interviews, promoting stories and making sure the public knew full well how bad this legislation is. Nevada Right to Life board member Kathleen Rossi, RN, gave important testimony at two hearings and two press conferences.

You, the faithful Nevada Right to Life supporter and member played a tremendous and equally vital role in killing SB261 by receiving our emails and taking action — sending emails, making phone calls to legislators, passing on our alerts, registering your opposition and opinions at the legislative website and showing up to hearings. Nevada Right to Life supporters were so responsive that the legislative website shows that SB261 garnered the 11th most amount of votes and opinions of all the bills in the legislature and 74 percent of the votes opposed the bill.

Nevada Right to Life is a proud partner of a broad and diverse coalition Nevadan’s Against Doctor Prescribed Suicide, that came together to stop SB261 and doctor assisted suicide in Nevada, for now AND IN THE FUTURE. We thank all of our talented and devoted partners for their efforts that together led to the defeat of SB261.

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Opponents of doctor assisted suicide in Nevada should not be under any illusion that this victory is final. Our opponents will be back. They have no quit in them. They have immense financial resources and advocates in the media. Nevada Right to Life will continue its role as a proud partner in the coalition Nevadans Against Doctor Prescribed Suicide and continue to provide updates.

Thank you so much for your financial support and playing a vital role in defeating this bill. Your resources and efforts helped us defeat this bill and your continuing support will make an increasing impact in the future.