Abortionist Says: “I’ve Fallen in Love With the Work I Do”

Opinion   |   Micaiah Bilger   |   Jun 7, 2017   |   6:01PM   |   Washington, DC

On a typical day, Alabama abortionist Yashica Robinson spends her evenings delivering babies and her mornings aborting them.

The American Civil Liberties Union “Speak Freely” blog recently profiled Robinson after she received an award from the Physicians for Reproductive Health for her abortion work.

Just a few abortion practitioners continue to practice in southern states, and Robinson is one of them. An ob-gyn, she works at the Alabama Women’s Center, an abortion facility in Huntsville that aborts unborn babies up to 21 weeks. According to the ACLU, she also runs her own private ob-gyn office where she provides prenatal care and accompanies women to the hospital to help deliver their babies.

On a typical day, Robinson said she spends the morning at the abortion practice and afternoon at her private office.

She told the ACLU:

Usually, I go to the Alabama Women’s Center first. We will have 10 to 20 patients scheduled for procedures, not including patients there for Day 1 abortion counseling, abortion follow-up, contraception, or other gynecologic concerns.

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If I am lucky, I have a quick lunch. Otherwise, I eat in route to my private office and begin seeing patients at 1 p.m. My afternoon schedule will have 18 to 25 patients for prenatal visits, annual exams, various contraceptive procedures, and other medical concerns. We finish around 5 or 6 p.m. if all goes as planned. However, since I am an obstetrician with a busy practice, occasionally, deliveries can change my schedule. I have to be flexible and make it work.

When asked why she chose to do abortions, Robinson said she thinks abortion and women’s health care go together hand in hand.

“Abortion is a part of women’s health care,” she told the ACLU. “By the time I realized that some people do not agree with a woman’s right to choose abortion as one of her health care options, I had already fallen in love with the work that I do.”

The pro-abortion ACLU hailed Robinson as a hero, but her reputation with the law is less than stellar. In 2014, a federal grand jury indicted Robinson on charges of allegedly falsely billing more than $60,000 in claims to Medicaid.

The abortion facility where she works also has a long history of health deficiencies, including botched abortions that required emergency hospitalizations, failure to clean tables between abortions, failure to document fetal age or possibility of viability prior to abortions, lack of access to professional staff members for women calling back with complications, such as heavy bleeding, and improper labeling and storage of pre-drawn drug syringes.