Abortion Activist Margaret Atwood Says Pro-Life Laws are “a Form of Slavery”

Opinion   |   Micaiah Bilger   |   Jun 5, 2017   |   5:58PM   |   Washington, DC

Abortion activists are loving the new Hulu series “The Handmaids Tale” based on a novel by Margaret Atwood.

On Saturday, Atwood embraced abortion activists’ support of her work by blasting pro-life laws as a “form of slavery” of women, Salon reports.

Atwood’s book “centers around a dystopian future in which almost every human right, including the control over whom to have sex with, has been stripped from women. With its focus on women becoming unwilling human incubators for a religious ruling elite, the book has often been seen as offering commentary on the very contemporary debate over abortion rights,” according to Salon.

On Saturday, Atwood participated in a question and answer session during BookCon 2017 in New York City. Responding to a question about Texas abortion regulations, Atwood bizarrely implied that pro-life advocates are purposefully oppressing women in order to achieve their dreams.

“Sometimes people have to live their dream. So if living their dream means a lot of dead women and orphans, maybe they’re going to have to live that dream and maybe they’re just then going to have to figure out, ‘Who’s going to pay for this?’” Atwood said.

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Later, she fell back on the usual pro-abortion talking points, claiming that women are being forced to carry their unborn babies and that pro-lifers don’t really care about women or babies.

“That’s where the concern seems to cut off with these people. Once you take your first breath, [it’s] out the window with you,” Atwood said. “And, it is really a form of slavery to force women to have children that they cannot afford and then to say that they have to raise them.”

She said state taxpayers should be forced to pay for prenatal care, delivery costs and health care for “unwanted” children if laws prevent their mothers from aborting them.

It’s true that abortion is about oppression, but not in the way Atwood and her fellow abortion activists claim. Abortion activists supposedly would free the mother from oppression by telling her to abort her unborn child. They imply that killing an unborn child in the womb will solve women’s problems and enable them to live the lives they wish.

But too late, many mothers learn that this is a big lie. Aborting their unborn babies did not free them, it oppressed them even more with years of guilt, of thoughts about who their baby would have become, of psychological pain and suffering, of wishing they could reverse time and bring back their child.

Pro-lifers think that both mother and child deserve support and freedom. They work hard to help ensure that every child, born and unborn, is protected and cared for. They want women to know that they do not have to kill their unborn child to be free, that pro-lifers are ready and eager to help women and their children succeed in life.

Every year, pro-lifers donate millions of dollars, volunteer hours and resources every year to support children and moms through pregnancy resource centers, maternity homes, adoption agencies, shelters for abuse victims, food pantries and much more. And it’s because they believe women and their babies deserve better than oppression and death.