Teenager Creates Web Page Celebrating Abortion by Promoting Every Abortion Clinic Nationwide

National   |   Micaiah Bilger   |   May 31, 2017   |   10:21AM   |   Washington, DC

Washington state teen Maddy Rasmussen has been involved in abortion advocacy for years.

So, when it came time to plan her senior high school project, Rasmussen decided to create a website to help people who want to abort their unborn babies.

A graduating senior, Rasmussen recently launched her website, “The Safe Place Project,” which lists every abortion clinic in the country, the Waterland Blog reports. The site also tells women if their state has a mandatory waiting period, informed consent and parental involvement requirements for minors.

“My ultimate goal for this project was for it to be a safe place where women could find an abortion clinic near them and assess their state’s restrictions against abortion,” the teen said.

Rasmussen told the blog that she came up with the idea after interning with two different pro-abortion groups. One, the Cedar Rivers Clinics, is a chain of abortion facilities in the Seattle area.

“I’ve always had an interest in women’s rights, but it wasn’t until I started this project that I realized how difficult it can be for women to receive abortion care,” Rasmussen said. “I wanted to ease that burden by creating a simple, easy-to-use website where women could get the information they need.”

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The teen criticized state laws that help to ensure parents are involved when an underage daughter wants to abort her unborn baby, a risky and irreversible decision. She also did not see the point of waiting periods, which give women time to consider informed consent materials, such as facts about fetal development and social services available for parenting moms.

She did not mention that there is strong public support for these laws. Very few people oppose requiring a parent’s involvement in a child’s medical decision or requiring that women be given basic facts about abortion before they make a final decision.

But Rasmussen said she was “shocked” that so many states have such “heavy restrictions.”

“Waiting periods may seem harmless, but when you consider how far some women have to travel to receive care, you really see how damaging they can be,” she said. “These restrictions are especially harmful for women who work or have family responsibilities, or teens who wish to keep their health care decisions confidential. It was then that I realized the importance of telling the whole story for those looking for abortion care.”

Rasmussen also missed a larger fact in her pro-abortion project. An abortion is never safe for the unborn baby or the mother.

At the moment of conception, the unborn baby already is a separate, living human being with his or her own unique DNA. By the time most women have abortions, their unborn babies’ hearts already are beating. Many years ago, scientific research established that an unborn baby’s heart starts beating around four weeks, or 21 days, after fertilization – usually before the woman knows she is pregnant.

Even at 6 to 9 weeks of development, the stage when a majority of abortions occur, the unborn baby has a brain, heart, spinal cord, arms and legs, fingers and toes. By 9 weeks, scientists can detect brain waves and observe unborn babies hiccuping.

Abortions are not safe for the mother either. Physical risks can include future premature births, breast cancer, and even death. Psychological risks can include substance abuse, depression, anxiety or even suicide.

A 2011 study published in the British Journal of Psychiatry, for example, found an 81 percent increased risk of mental health problems among women who had abortions, compared to women who give birth. A 2009 study by New Zealand researchers at the University of Otago found similar results. They reviewed the medical histories of more than 500 women and concluded that having an abortion generally “leads to significant distress” in some women.

Abortion is not “care,” though abortion activists now are trying to link the terms. Abortion clinics merely kill the woman’s unborn child and then turn her back onto the streets to continue struggling with the problems that led her there.