Conservative Party in Canada Needs to Elect a Pro-Life Leader

International   |   We Need a Law   |   May 26, 2017   |   4:09PM   |   Ottawa, Canada

We Need a Law will be at the Conservative Party convention this week, and we are looking forward to welcoming in the new Conservative Party leader. While We Need a Law has repeatedly been asked their thoughts on how to rank the candidates, director Mike Schouten has stated clearly that “We Need a Law does not endorse or oppose any candidate or political party, we only promote pre-born human rights.”

Our invitation to be present at this convention is a clear indication that pre-born human rights are not a closed topic. Instead, they have been a common topic of conversation throughout the leadership race, and we greatly appreciate the candidates who have made this a priority.

Both Pierre Lemieux and Brad Trost openly championed pre-born human rights and condemned the status quo of unregulated abortion. Awareness was also raised that sex-selective abortion is not acceptable to the vast majority of Canadians. This discussion led to openly pro-choice candidate Rick Peterson developing policies on the issue of pre-born human rights, setting the stage for accountability and action if the Conservative party wins the next election.

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“Regardless of who wins,” says Schouten, “we will be looking to the new leader to bring Canada in line with international standards of protecting pre-born human rights. This includes ending abortion after the first trimester and implementing standard counseling procedures.”

A recent survey conducted by the Canadian Constitution Foundation found that only 15% of Canadians “strongly oppose” rights for the unborn, while 60-70% support or strongly support giving constitutional rights to the unborn. See here for survey results. “This is compelling evidence that pre-born human rights are not a political liability. Instead, they should be a political priority,” Schouten said.