Woman Defends Killing Her Baby: “I Don’t Regret My Abortion, So Don’t Expect Me to Feel Bad”

Opinion   |   Micaiah Bilger   |   May 18, 2017   |   1:44PM   |   Washington, DC

An Australian woman who aborted her unborn baby about 10 years ago criticized lawmakers this week for rejecting a bill to decriminalize abortion.

SBS News in Australia reports the woman, Lindsay, said she does not regret her abortion. She said she never wanted to have children, and lawmakers should allow women to make their own decisions about their bodies.

Australian state laws vary on abortion. New South Wales and Queensland technically prohibit abortions except when there is a danger to a woman’s health, though court decisions have allowed abortions more broadly, according to ABC. Victoria, Tasmania and the Australian Capital Territory allow abortions up to 9 months, though there are some restrictions for late-term abortions.

The bill, which New South Wales legislators rejected last week, would have removed abortion from the state criminal code and basically allowed abortions for any reason up to birth.

Lindsay responded this week: “I’m not a cold-blooded monster but I also didn’t want to be pregnant. Why is it so controversial that I made a decision about what I want inside my own body?”

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She said she got pregnant about 10 years ago and immediately knew that she wanted an abortion.

“It’s not like it’s portrayed in the movies – I didn’t walk along a beach by myself or take days of tossing and turning over it. I always knew that I didn’t want children and it took a nano-second to decide to get an abortion,” she told the news outlet. “…I don’t regret my abortion, so don’t expect me to feel bad about it.”

Here’s more from the report:

“It’s not because I’m ashamed – I’m not, I did nothing wrong – but those I have spoken to about my decision, they always ask me if I regret it, and no, I don’t.

“The stereotype is that women always want to have children and if they have an abortion, then they’ll one day regret it. I don’t regret anything and it really annoys me that people expect me to feel guilty or bad about it.”

Despite the convincing win in parliament for the status quo to remain, Lindsay thinks it’s only a matter of time before Queensland and NSW remove abortion from their criminal codes.

“Abortion makes a lot of people emotional, because it involves a potential baby. But that’s just it – it’s a potential being. Women are actual people and we should be able to decide what to do with our bodies and our lives.

“I think of myself as pro-life, because women’s lives matter.”

Her unborn child was not a “potential” baby; he or she was a baby. And her decision to have an abortion did not just involve her body. It also involved her unborn baby’s.

At the moment of conception, an unborn baby already is a living, growing human being with his/her own unique DNA.

“In that fraction of a second when the chromosomes form pairs, the sex of the new child will be determined, hereditary characteristics received from each parent will be set, and a new life will have begun,” according to the textbook “Human Development: The Span of Life.”

Lindsay’s unborn baby was already a unique individual human being when his or her life was cut short by the abortion. He or she did not have any choice in the matter. An unborn baby is completely dependent on the mother for protection and support. An abortion cuts off that support, and destroys the baby’s rights to his/her life and body.

And that’s what pro-lifers’ opposition to abortion is all about: protecting that unborn baby’s life.