Planned Parenthood Video Claims Pregnant Students Can’t Go to School and Have a Baby

Opinion   |   Kristan Hawkins   |   May 18, 2017   |   4:12PM   |   Washington, DC

Planned Parenthood is pulling out ALL the stops to make sure that no one finds out how little actual healthcare they provide and that they are the nation’s largest abortion vendor. Why? Because the half a billion taxpayer dollars they get every year is on the chopping block in Congress (about time).

In their latest propaganda video, celebrity Joss Whedon features a student who gets a full scholarship to college but can’t go because she is pregnant and couldn’t get birth control at the nation’s largest abortion vendor.

This is the MO of the abortion industry: tell women they can’t do it, that they can’t have a child and continue their education, that they can’t have a career and become a mom, that they can’t fulfill their dreams following an unplanned pregnancy.

They are wrong

Dear Planned Parenthood & Joss Whedon, please let us introduce you to some superheroes who didn’t buy into your lies:

University of Iowa track and field sprinter Alexis Hernandez, who is graduating this weekend and has a 20-month old child. She said: “I’ve accomplished a lot of things in classroom and in track but being a mother is the most rewarding thing of all.”

Kamaria Downs, who took her Christian school to court when they kicked her off campus for getting pregnant, citing Title IX. She had her child, won her lawsuit, graduated, and became a second-grade teacher.

Kamaria Downs. Courtesy of Public Justice.

Sade Patterson, who unexpectedly became pregnant at the end of her sophomore year at the University of New Mexico. She credits Students for Life of America’s Pregnant on Campus program for helping her learn her rights and stay in school. She graduated in December.

Liz McNitt, who had not one, but two little ones, in school and completed her degree in THREE years.

And then all of these students who support pregnant and parenting students – this is just a sample of the thousands of pro-life students we work with on campus who are passionate about helping their peers facing unplanned pregnancies in school:

Planned Parenthood is part of the problem

OK, so back to the propaganda video and in particular, the student who is shown not being able to get her full scholarship because she is pregnant.

The girl, “Ms. Stetzler,” opens the letter from “Boyle College” which congratulates her on receiving a “full scholarship” for “outstanding academic achievements.”

The girl is noticeably pregnant in the shot. And the implication here is that as a pregnant student, she can no longer pursue this scholarship and her dreams of a college education.

However, there are two huge myths that are being propagated:

  1. She can continue to pursue her dreams! Pregnancy and parenthood does not have to change your goals. You can be a pregnant or parenting student and achieve your educational and career goals.
  1. Under the federal law TITLE IX It is illegal for a school to deny application to or admittance into an educational program for reason of pregnancy or parenting status. It is also illegal to strip a student’s academic, need-based, or athletic scholarship for reason of pregnancy or parenting status.

Planned Parenthood is perpetuating the lie that women cannot succeed unless they are childless. Stop telling pregnant and parenting women that their dreams are over and that this is the end of the journey. Stop spreading misinformation regarding educational advancement and ignoring legal protections like Title IX.

Planned Parenthood = Opposite of Empowerment of Women

Planned Parenthood, and the celebrities that blindly support them, do the complete opposite of empowering women by directly advocating anti-woman messaging and stripping vulnerable women of the opportunity to become mothers or birth mothers and still fulfill their dreams.

Planned Parenthood would rather tell a woman to have an abortion than to give her the resources she needs and connect her to support systems that would empower her to fulfill her goals.

Defunding Planned Parenthood – and redirecting that money to Federally Qualified Health Centers, that do more comprehensive care than the abortion giant ever could – would be the best thing that could happen for women.

What You Can Do

Planned Parenthood and Hollywood have teamed up again to continue the lie that young women can’t be mothers and students…that they aren’t strong enough to do both. This is feminism in the 21st century. Such a sad day.

ACTION ITEM: If you faced an unplanned pregnancy and stayed in school, post your story today on every digital media account! Use these hashtags: #StandwithPP #StandagainstPP #PPSlays to make your story go far and wide.