Forget Gender Reveal Parties, Moms are Now Sharing the Sex of Their Unborn Babies on Their Manicures

National   |   Micaiah Bilger   |   May 17, 2017   |   5:10PM   |   Washington, DC

Expecting moms keep coming up with interesting new ways to celebrate the life growing inside them.

Gender reveal parties have become a popular trend in the past few years. Couples often host a party for family and friends where they cut a cake or pop a balloon that reveals their unborn child’s gender.

Now, some couples are turning to social media and nail salons to announce their joyful news. The Daily Mail reports women are having their nails painted pink or blue with baby-themed art to announce their news online.

The expecting moms take pictures of their manicured nails and post them on social media to announce their baby’s sex. Some have baby bottles or tiny footprints or messages like “It’s a boy!” painted on their nails. Others choose to have their nails painted both pink and blue so that they can urge people to guess before revealing the news.

Here’s more from the report:

Jessica Whorlow, a nail technician from Beauty Secrets in Melbourne, said she can definitely see the trend becoming popular.

‘It depends on whether the mum enjoys having her nail done but it’s definitely easier than throwing a party,’ the 28-year-old told Daily Mail Australia.

‘I find the clients that regularly have their nails done opt for gender reveal nails. It’s a bit of fun and something different as so many mums-to-be choose cakes and parties.’

Jessica recently painted the nails of one of her clients who is expecting a baby girl.

‘The set I’ve done was purely pink to reveal a girl! In saying that, there’s no rules to nail art, clients can just have fun with it.’

Most moms find out their unborn baby’s sex around 20 weeks of pregnancy, but the sex actually is determined when the baby’s life begins. At conception, an unborn baby already has his or her own unique DNA that determines not only their sex but also their hair and eye colors, height, health and other factors.

Gender reveal parties, nails and other creative pregnancy announcements are wonderful ways to celebrate how every baby’s life is unique and special.