Dangerous Abortion Pill Touted as Safe for Women Because it Successfully Kills Unborn Babies

International   |   Cora Sherlock   |   May 17, 2017   |   12:38PM   |   Dublin, Ireland

A new survey reported in the British Medical Journal tries to make the dubious point that the abortion pill is safe for women to take.

The survey analyses the self-reported comments of 1000 women in the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland who ordered the abortion pill online from Women On Web during the 3 year period from January 2010 to December 2012.  (1636 women received the pill during that time).

Among various findings, the survey noted that 7 women reported receiving a blood transfusion and 26 were in need of antibiotics after ingesting the pill.  95% of the women who responded said they were able to abort without surgical intervention.  87 women sought attention for symptoms where they were advised to seek medical advice (a further 6 women reported experiencing such symptoms but did not seek advice).

Predictably, the findings of the survey are being spread throughout the world as proof that that abortion pill is safe for women, and that women in countries like Ireland, where unborn babies are protected, will still need to access abortion.

Of course, there are many things left unsaid by the survey which aren’t being highlighted by the mainstream media.

The first is the question of what the abortion pills actually do.  They are not a trivial matter.  They do not represent “healthcare” which is how they are once again being described in the various pieces on commentary discussing this survey.  Instead, they are a means to ending a human life at its earliest stages.  That unborn life, so dependent on the law for protection and survival, gets little or no mention in the survey.

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The survey mentions that some of the women were 9 weeks pregnant but it does not refer to the incredible development of the unborn child at that stage.  By 9 weeks, his or her heart is beating, the eyes and eye lids, nose, mouth and tongue have formed.  Electrical brain activity can be detected and the baby’s organs are developing.  By 8 weeks too, the baby is right- or left-handed.  And of course, at fertilisation itself, 100% of the DNA that the baby will have throughout his or her entire life is present.

These are amazing facts, but they don’t trouble the authors of this survey, and that’s no surprise.

The authors include Dr. Rebecca Gomperts, founder of Women On Web, and a well-known campaigner for further access to abortion.  Regular readers of LifeNews wil know her from such publicity stunts in Ireland as the “abortion pill boat”, which sailed into Irish waters some years ago with the intention of taking women out on to the high seas and carrying out abortions on board the vessel.  Women On Web now utilises the internet to send abortion pills.  Another author, Abigail Aiken, recently published an article in Ireland’s “Irish Times” newspaper, where she spoke about the “abortion pill bus” due to take off around the country.  While the article focussed on the need to ensure better access to abortion in Ireland, there was no mention of the human rights of the child.

Whenever the issue of abortion pills arises, it is normally used as a platform for pushing for wider access to abortion.  In the Irish context, this means repeal of the Eighth Amendment, the last constitutional protection for the unborn child.  This survey has only been reported in Irish newspapers for a few hours but already there have been lots of references by pro-choice campaigners to the need to get rid of the Eighth Amendment.

Sadly, we can expect little or no discussion on the devastating consequences of the abortion pill for the developing unborn child and the potential serious mental health effects it can have on many women.

Whether abortion comes in surgical or pill form, it has the same intention and the same result – to end the life of an unborn child.  Contrary to the claims of many abortion activists, it is not “healthcare”.  It is not a treatment for any medical condition in the mother.  Until these facts are accepted and discussed, then women will continue to be misled into thinking abortion is just another procedure.  We can do better for women and their babies.  How about a survey that considers how best to protect and support both lives?