Abortion Clinic Escorts Sing “I Will Survive” Outside Clinic While Babies are Killed Inside

Opinion   |   Akron, OH   |   May 15, 2017   |   2:34PM   |   Washington, DC

Last Saturday, the day before Mother’s Day, I had big plans.  My sister was in town, so we had plans to go out to lunch with my mother and then we were going to get manicures and pedicures.   After I got dressed in the morning, I left the house to run some errands before I met my mom and sister.

As I was driving down State Road in Cuyahoga Falls, I saw a large crowd of pink-vested abortion escorts outside the Northeast Ohio Women’s Center Abortion facility and realized that they  had switched their abortion day from Sunday to Saturday this week, probably because of Mother’s Day.  How ironic.

There were only two pro-life witnesses standing out front so I abandoned my errands and decided to spend the morning joining the other witnesses.
Many of the regular abortion escorts know who I am and where I work and they are never happy to see me.   Although they won’t engage in conversation with me, they will talk loud enough about many subjects, including abortion, so that I can hear what they are saying.   They took it to a new level this week.  Here’s a few things that happened:

Shortly after I arrived, about 10 of them lined up on either side of the driveway and broke out into song, singing the Donna Summer disco hit “I Will Survive.”   I couldn’t believe what I was hearing!  Children inside the clinic were being killed, and they were singing and disco dancing about surviving.

About a half hour or so into the morning, across the street from the abortion center I saw an elderly gentleman trip and fall to the sidewalk.  Luckily there was no traffic in the road at the time, instinct kicked in, and I ran across the street to help him.  I didn’t realize at the time that 3 or 4 of the escorts also saw and were running right behind me. I laid my “vote pro life” sign on the ground (It was the only one I had in the car…didn’t know I would be witnessing that morning!) and two of the escorts immediately stood on it while I was helping the gentleman to his feet with one of the other escorts.

Thankfully, the man was OK.  Someone had called an ambulance, but the man refused treatment.  I asked the escorts to please get off of my sign, which they did, and then walked back across the street to the abortion facility.  When I returned to my spot, I heard the escorts saying that the man refused treatment because it was his “choice”, just like them because they are “pro-choice”.  I turned and looked at them and said very calmly that it is not the same thing, because the children being killed inside this clinic weren’t given a choice to live or die.  Of course, they ignored me.

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When I had been there for about an hour, the women who had just had an abortion were starting to slowly exit the center.   I knew this because the escorts would get a signal from someone, and then they would shout out to the line “Here comes number 1!”, and then “Here comes number 2!” and so on as the women exited.  The escorts would line the driveway on both sides and open up big umbrellas, overlapping them so that the abortion clients wouldn’t have to see the witnesses who were praying or holding signs as they drove out.  It was almost like a game to them, and they were celebrating another “successful” death of a child, and the deaths were just numbers to them.  It was enough to bring me to tears each time.

I had to leave about 11:30 to go and meet my mother and sister.  The escorts always block the sidewalk right of way across the driveway, and you have to ask them to move so you can walk down the sidewalk.  They do move, but do so reluctantly.  As I was leaving, I heard them remarking about the next day being Mother’s Day and that the women who had abortions don’t have to worry about being mothers anymore.  I couldn’t stop myself from turning to them and telling them that abortion didn’t change the fact that these women were still mothers….it was just tragic that now they are mothers of dead children.  They laughed at me, and I turned and left with tears in my eyes.

This wasn’t exactly the way I wanted to celebrate Mother’s Day, but in a way, I was happy that I could be there to honor the lives of the children who were losing theirs.  I think any mother would want to reach out and hold a child who was not wanted and make them feel better.   I knew that these children were being welcomed into heaven that morning, but it killed me that they would never know a mother’s love here on earth.  It killed me that the abortion escorts were supporting the death of innocent children, who never had a choice to die, who would never tell their mother “Happy Mother’s Day”, and who were now being discarded as medical waste.

The one good thing that did happen on Saturday was that a lot of people did react positively to the three of us that were witnessing outside of the clinic.  We got a lot of people who yelled “God Bless You”, or gave us the thumbs up.  Of course there were a few that used a different finger, but in pro-life circles we like to say that they are “pointing to heaven”!  We may not have stopped anyone from having an abortion that morning, but I’d like to think we affected those who were passing by so that abortion wouldn’t be their only choice should they find themselves in an unexpected pregnancy.

There is a vacant building next to the Northeast Ohio Women’s Center abortion facility that has 6 parking spaces in front of it.  The abortion facility patients and escorts usually jam it with about 8 or 9 cars, and the building’s leasing agent and owner have not stopped this.  You can help by writing to both the realty company and the building owner to request that they not allow the abortion facility to use this lot, and express your displeasure that by allowing parking there, they are supporting the death of innocent children.  We always advise witnesses to park on the street in the area, and we respect the businesses in the area by not using their parking lot.  The leasing agent is:

159 South Main St.  #302
Akron, OH  44308

The owner of the vacant building is:
Larry Morris
c/o Adams, Adams & Morris
2516 San Carlos Ave.
Castro Valley, CA   94546

LifeNews Note: Denise Leipold is the director of Right to Life of Northeast Ohio.