Doctor Told Couple to Abort Baby With “Rare Disorder.” They Refused and Now He’s Healthy

National   |   Steven Ertelt   |   May 11, 2017   |   12:30PM   |   Washington, DC

Here at we have printed countless stories over the years of couples who heard from their doctors about their unborn baby and received difficult news.

Situations arise where couples often hear that their baby has either a rare disorder or a life-threatening condition And the story typically ends the same way — with doctors suggesting an abortion. Thankfully in many situations couples give their babies a chance at life.

Not every situation turns out well and in some cases the baby goes on to pass away shortly after birth — but at least a couple has given the child a chance and often describes the blessing at spending even a few minutes or a few hours with their baby that would have been denied had they aborted the child.

Some of those situations end in a miracle.

The Christian Post reports on a story of a couple in Maryland who were warned about a rare condition their baby boy potentially had. Again the doctor recommended abortion.

The couple from Maryland eventually decided to have an abortion because of the very rare medical condition but they met somebody outside the abortion clinic the day they went to end their son’s life. A pro-life sidewalk counselor told them they could hit pause on the abortion and consider other options.

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Ultimately the couple met with another physician and found out that their son had a less severe medical condition that was easily corrected by surgery. How horrible would it have been to take their son’s life in an abortion to deny him a chance at life and them the ability to experience the joy of a child for a lifetime.

Here’s more on this amazing story:

The doctor warned a mother in Maryland that the baby boy she was carrying had “Androgen insensitivity” and would suffer throughout his life. He recommended late-term abortion.

God’s response was swift. The next day as Stella and Matt were about to enter Carhart’s clinic, a woman named Rosemarie met them. They confided to her the reason why they wanted to see Carhart.

Rosemarie was puzzled, asking Stella, “How can the doctor that sent you to Carhart know for certain what your son’s condition will be when he is born a few months from now? You don’t have to go through with this today. Give yourself time to consider other options.”
The couple decided not to have an abortion in the end and Stella later gave birth to a boy they named Thaddeus.

A simple surgery quickly resolved their son’s condition.

“It was a miracle!” Stella exclaimed. “The diagnosis of the doctor who told us to abort was proven incorrect.”

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