Woman Doesn’t Regret Aborting Her Baby: It Was Just a “Minor Procedure”

Opinion   |   Micaiah Bilger   |   May 10, 2017   |   12:52PM   |   Washington, DC

News outlets have been giving a lot of page space lately to women who say aborting their unborn babies was a good thing.

This week, the British news outlet The Independent featured another abortion story from a woman named “Sarah.” The 41-year-old said she had an abortion about 15 years ago when her birth control failed to do its job.

Sarah claimed that aborting her unborn child was no big deal. Her problem is people who make women feel as if it is.

“I think that’s many women’s experience but we are forced to question that experience. People feel guilty for not feeling guilty,” she said.

Sarah said she does not remember exactly how old she was when she had the abortion; it was just a “minor procedure.”

She said she got pregnant while she was taking the birth control pill. At the time, Sarah said she was in relationship with a good man, but she felt that a child would not fit with her lifestyle and financial situation.

“I didn’t plan to get pregnant, was pregnant,” she said. “I was running restaurants, that’s not a life you can have with children. He was lovely but there was no sense it was forever. Why would I have a baby? Why would I tie to myself to even a lovely person forever even when it was not a thing?”

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After aborting her unborn baby, she said the experience made her more “pro-choice.” She said she was able to go to college and earn her master’s degree and later her PhD. Now, she is a mother of two, according to the report.

Abortion activists have this idea that if more women like Sarah share their abortion stories, more people will approve of abortion. They recognize that stories, individual people’s experiences, often are more powerful in conveying a message than political arguments. And they are right, to some extent. The problem is that they only share the women’s stories that fit with their abortion agenda.

Writer Olivia Blair, who interviewed Sarah, wrote, “While these arguments may be heard back and forth in the media, rarely is the voice of women who have had them heard.”

Actually, these “Shout Your Abortion”-type stories have become pretty prevalent in the mainstream media lately. What remains rare is giving a voice to women who regret their abortions and those who have been pressured or forced into them. Women are sharing these stories through groups like the Silent No More Awareness Campaign, but the mainstream media rarely publishes them. And abortion activists certainly don’t.

Then there are the stories that never get the chance to be told at all – those of the babies who were aborted. Even if every woman had a positive abortion story, even if no women ever regretted her abortion, abortion still would be wrong because it destroys the life of a human being in the womb. And maybe if more of their stories could be told, the world would recognize how important their lives are.