Cosmo Writer Says Abortion is Good Because It Leads to Better Sex

Opinion   |   Micaiah Bilger   |   May 9, 2017   |   7:18PM   |   Washington, DC

In a long stream of posts on Twitter this week, Cosmopolitan columnist and abortion activists Jill Filipovic made her case for abortion.

The catalyst that prompted Filipovic’s rant was a pro-life op-ed in the New York Times. Pro-life author Lori Szala shared her story of facing an unplanned pregnancy and nearly having an abortion, and refuted arguments that women need to abort their unborn babies to succeed. Szala argued that abortion will not solve women’s problems, and that women and their babies deserve better support from society.

Filipovic went through a slew of reasons why she believes Szala is wrong. She argued that women should be able to abort their unborn babies, presumably for any reason up to birth, because of economics, independence, personal freedom, abusive relationships and, interestingly, better sex.

Filipovic, who often writes pro-abortion commentary, has made similar statements in the past.

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According to the Free Beacon:

In a December CNN op-ed, she lamented President Donald Trump’s election because “sex is about to get a lot less fun.”

She argued that, in addition to the usual “benefits” of abortion, “more of us are able to have sex without the anxiety of pregnancy, to enjoy the unique and fundamentally human pleasure that sex creates, and to tend to our relationships without the interruption and emotional devastation that an unintended pregnancy can bring.”

In essence, she accused conservatives of wanting to control women and prohibit them from having recreational sex.

“But the future of women’s health under President Trump, and HHS Secretary Price, looks grim: Price’s plan turns sex for pleasure into a luxury item and puts our health at risk,” Filipovic wrote. “And it sends women a clear message: That partaking in a full range of human enjoyment and physical experience isn’t for us, and that we exist instead to reproduce.”

Abortion activists like Filipovic like to claim that old, powerful white men are just using their pro-life position to control and suppress women. But this line of thinking seems almost delusional considering that women are the driving force of the pro-life movement.

Last year, the New York Times described the abortion issue as more of a war between women than a war on them, citing polling showing that conservative women tend to be more strongly pro-life than conservative men.

“In other words, conservative women are the most anti-abortion segment of the population, and liberal women are the most in favor of abortion rights. You might say that the more significant difference here is not between men and women, but among women,” according to the report.

Given this information, Filipovic basically would have people believe that pro-life women are working to deny themselves sexual pleasure and freedom by advocating against abortion. This is ridiculous and disingenuous.

Pro-lifers, both women and men, oppose abortion because babies in the womb are being denied a right to life. And it’s as simple as that.