University Banned Pro-Life Club From Social Justice Fair, Then Blocked it With a Pro-Abortion Table

National   |   Micaiah Bilger   |   May 2, 2017   |   10:17AM   |   Sacramento, California

Social justice fair organizers at a California university backtracked and allowed a pro-life student club to participate in the event last week.

However, the situation did not turn out quite as expected. Campus Reform reports the organizers put the pro-life club’s table directly behind a pro-abortion display in a move that the pro-life students believe was an act of “revenge.”

“The pro choice table was put there, in my opinion, as an intentional way to shut us up and keep us invisible,” pro-life club member Bagni Maldonado told Campus Reform. He pointed to images from the fair to show that “they were bitter at the fact that we were admitted and the organizers, specifically the Labor and Social Justice club in conjunction with the Labor Studies Department, decided to take revenge on us by doing what they did.”

Almost two weeks ago, The College Fix broke the story that the Students for Life club at Cal State University Dominguez Hills applied and was rejected as a participant in the Labor, Social and Environmental Justice Fair on April 25.

Organizers told the club in an email that their “organization does not fit within the framework of this particular event.”

However, the publicity seemed to have made a difference, because fair organizers later reversed their decision and said the club could participate, according to the report.

On the day of the fair, however, the pro-life students noticed that their table was placed directly behind an abortion advocacy group’s.

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Here’s more from the report:

Images from California State University at Dominguez Hill’s annual Labor, Social, and Environmental Justice Fair confirm that the school’s pro-choice club had an informative table what appeared to be deliberately placed in front of one belonging to its pro-life opponents, which Students for Life believe was an “intentional” act of “revenge.” …

In one image, a member of the pro-choice organization is pictured standing in front of the Students for Life table holding a pro-abortion sign in a deliberate attempt to obstruct students’ view of the pro-life materials.

Maldonado called the move “childish” and “unprofessional.”

Pro-life students increasingly are being forced to fight for recognition and free speech on campus.

In April, a student Republicans club at Hood College in Maryland found out that it may be punished for setting up a display with a pro-life message. The display included a poster of a black toddler and the words, “… abortion is the number one killer of black lives in the United States.”

In March, a pro-life student club sought legal help after Kutztown University officials in Pennsylvania scrubbed their chalked pro-life messages from the campus sidewalks. The college permitted other groups to write chalk messages on the sidewalk.

And in January, pro-life students filed a lawsuit against Queens College in New York after it denied their Students for Life club official recognition.

University students in the UK face similar challenges.

In March, pro-abortion students in Scotland petitioned Aberdeen University leaders to take down a pro-life poster in the Catholic chaplaincy, a building on campus that the university does not even own. The pro-abortion students claimed the poster advertising a 40 Days for Life prayer vigil was “actively harmful” to women.

Late last year, the British group Alliance of Pro-Life Students reported its students are under “constant attack” at universities in the UK.

According to the APS blog, students at the University of Newcastle also recently tried to de-ratify the campus pro-life club, claiming it “is a discriminatory group that alienates and will make many young women feel unwelcome on campus and therefore this society is against union policy.”