WATCH: Cackling Abortion Activist With a Cowbell Confronts Pro-Life Pastors Outside Abortion Clinic

National   |   Micaiah Bilger   |   Apr 26, 2017   |   4:55PM   |   Phoenix, AZ

A pro-life pastor filmed a bizarre exchange with an Arizona abortion activist recently to show what he says Planned Parenthood supporters really are like.

CBN News reports the incident involved Jeff Durbin, a pro-life activist and pastor of Apologia Church, and a Planned Parenthood volunteer named Amber.

Durbin and his ministry team were doing sidewalk counseling outside a Planned Parenthood abortion facility in Arizona when abortion activists attempted to drown out their voices with a cowbell and loud music, according to the ministry.

They said one woman, Amber, is an abortion clinic escort who walks patients into the abortion facility and shields them from pro-lifers who try to talk to women about their unborn babies. The ministry also described her as a Satanist.

“She came over with a cowbell in an attempt to drown out Jeff’s voice (she was not successful),” the ministry wrote online.

In the 7-minute video, Durbin uses a loudspeaker to address Amber directly as she stands near him and rings a cowbell continuously.

Durbin begins by telling the woman that they love her and pray for her, and then says his ministry team wants to engage in rational dialogue. The woman responds by laughing wildly and continuing to ring the cowbell.

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Later, Durbin says: “They love death. They have no argumentation, this is their response to a question – laugh.”

Amber and several other abortion activists can be seen laughing as Durbin continues to address her. He asks the abortion activists if they are Satanists and urges them to turn from their sins and accept Christ. They continue to ignore him and ring the cowbell.

“Let’s chat without the cowbell. … put down the cow bell. I respect you,” Durbin says at another point.

Eventually, Amber responds: “I don’t engage with crazy. Sorry. I have the ability to engage. I just don’t engage with crazy.”

Then she shouts a series of profanities at Durbin as she walks away.

Later, when Durbin says the abortion activists are “standing up for the murder of innocent, preborn children,” another abortion activist pumps her fist in the air.

“This is the true face of Planned Parenthood,” he says. “… This is the Planned Parenthood supporter who you don’t see on CNN … Fox News, MSNBC.”