Democrat Party Chair Says There’s No Place for Pro-Life Democrats, But 23% of Democrats are Pro-Life

National   |   Steven Ertelt   |   Apr 25, 2017   |   3:53PM   |   Washington, DC

Yesterday, covered how the chairman of the Democratic Party made it clear that pro-life Democrats are no longer welcome in the party.

But polling data from earlier this year shows that 23% of Democrats consider themselves pro-life on abortion. That makes it so the abortion advocates who run the party are essentially driving away 1/4 of the party supporters and making them more likely to support pro-life Republican candidates.

Democratic National Committee Chairman Tom Perez’s comments have divisive consequences within the Democratic Party. By telling pro-lifers that there is no room for them in the Democratic Party, Perez is effectively isolating a large portion of Democrats that consider themselves to be pro-life. In fact, 23% of Democrats consider themselves to be pro-life according to a Marist/Knights of Columbus poll conducted in January.

The Marist/KofC polling consistently shows that majorities of Americans favor restrictions on abortion, including Clinton voters polled just before and after the election.

— 83% oppose taxpayers funding abortions overseas
— 61% oppose taxpayer funding of abortion in U.S. (this included 4/10 HRC voters)
— 74% of voters say abortion should be limited to first trimester (6/10 pro-choice voters support this limiting abortion to the first trimester)
The poll also shows that there is a bipartisan political consensus forming to limit abortion to the first trimester.  55% of Clinton voters support this; 91% of Trump voters support according to the survey.

There is also overwhelming bi-partisan opposition to the use of tax payer dollars to pay for abortions at home or aboard and support for broad limitations on abortion.

Conducted December 12-19, 2016, the poll found a total of 52% believe abortion should be available “only in cases of rape, incest or to save the life of the mother” (30%); only to save the life of the mother (12%); or never permitted under any circumstances (10%). Another 22% would limit abortion to the first three months of a pregnancy.

Only 16% of Americans told Marist that abortion should be “available to a woman any time during her pregnancy.”

In addition 59% of Americans believe abortion is morally wrong, 78% agree it is possible to have laws “which protect both the health and well-being of a man and the life of the unborn,” and only 31% believe abortion improves a woman’s life compared to 50% who believe abortion “does more harm than good.”

Moreover, the survey of 2,729 adults found an intensity gap among people who self-identified as pro-life or pro-choice. That is, 61% of pro-life Americans “strongly identify” with their position as compared to 52% off pro-choice Americans. This pro-life advantage holds regardless of “age, gender, or race,” according to a Knights of Columbus summary of the results.

By a six to one margin (83% to 14%) Americans oppose having tax dollars pay for abortions in other countries. And by a whopping 61% to 35%, Americans resist paying for abortions at home.

Obviously these high numbers make it clear that Perez is telling a good number of pro-life Democrats — and Democrats who want limits on abortion — to take a hike. He does that at the party’s peril.