University Bans Pro-Life Club From Participating in Social Justice Fair

State   |   Micaiah Bilger   |   Apr 24, 2017   |   1:53PM   |   Sacramento, California

Many young pro-lifers describe abortion as the social justice issue of our day. They work to restore justice to the nearly 1 million babies in the womb who are aborted every year and denied their right to life.

But these young pro-lifers, like the babies who they work to protect, struggle to gain recognition for the cause.

This month, a pro-life student club at a Los Angeles area university applied to be part of a social justice fair on campus, and was denied the opportunity to participate.

The College Fix reports:

Students for Life at Cal State University Dominguez Hills have been denied participation rights in the ninth annual Labor, Social and Environmental Justice Fair, with event organizers telling the pro-life students their cause does not fit within the “framework” of the event.

“[Y]our application was denied based on the reasoning that your organization does not fit within the framework of this particular event,” according to an April 14 email to the group from student event organizers obtained by The College Fix. The email added the event is student led and the decision was made by students on the organization committee.

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The student-organized fair is scheduled for Tuesday.

“As a social justice, human rights organization, the only reason we can imagine we were denied is simply politics: even though there are plenty of people from across the political spectrum who oppose killing preborn persons,” club adviser Brent Stenhouse told the news outlet.

In a news release, the fair organizers said the purpose of the event is “to connect students and members of the community with local unions and community organizations that are doing social justice work, while enjoying art, music, dance and theater.”

Organizers did not return the College Fix’s requests for comment. The Fix notes an anonymous abortion activist recently set up a banner on campus that reads, “Keep your religion and politics out of my uterus.”

Pro-life students increasingly are being forced to fight for recognition and free speech on campus.

Last week, a student Republicans club at Hood College in Maryland found out that it may be punished for setting up a display with a pro-life message. The display included a poster of a black toddler and the words, “… abortion is the number one killer of black lives in the United States.”

Administrators said they are reviewing the situation to determine whether the club should be punished, the College Fix reports.

In March, a pro-life student club sought legal help after Kutztown University officials in Pennsylvania scrubbed their chalked pro-life messages from the campus sidewalks. The college permitted other groups to write chalk messages on the sidewalk.

And in January, pro-life students filed a lawsuit against Queens College in New York after it denied their Students for Life club official recognition.