Abortion Boat Arrives in Pro-Life Mexico to Illegally Give Women Free Abortions

International   |   Micaiah Bilger   |   Apr 24, 2017   |   5:24PM   |   Mexico City, Mexico

The infamous Dutch abortion boat traveled to Mexico last week where its crew aborted at least two unborn babies.

The boat, run by the Dutch pro-abortion group Women on Waves, arrived Thursday and stayed through Sunday; it offered free abortion drugs to women in Guerrero, a state on the Pacific coast of Mexico, according to Reuters.

The abortion group said its crew performed two “successful and safe” abortions while they were there, Deutsche Welle reports.

Women on Waves sails the boat to countries where unborn babies are protected from abortions or where abortions are heavily restricted. It tries to skirt the countries’ laws by taking women on the boat to international waters to perform the abortions.

The pro-abortion group said it offered free abortions up to 10 weeks of pregnancy in Mexico. Abortions laws vary by state in Mexico, with some prohibiting abortions in most circumstances and a few allowing abortions for any reason up to 12 weeks of pregnancy.

“It’s absurd that according to geography, where women live in Mexico determines … if they can access a legal and safe abortion,” Mexican abortion advocate Regina Tames told Reuters in response to the abortion boat’s arrival. Tames is the leader of Information Group on Reproductive Choice (GIRE).

The Dutch pro-abortion group sometimes gets in trouble with the countries it visits.

In February, the abortion group got kicked out of Guatemala after it tried to offer women illegal abortions there. The Guatemalan Navy detained the abortion boat before its crew was able to do any abortions, LifeNews reported.

Like many Central and South American countries, Guatemala protects unborn babies’ lives and bans abortions. Exceptions are allowed when the mother’s life is at risk.

In 2012, Women on Waves experienced a similar situation in Morocco when it tried to sail its boat there. Moroccan authorities blocked the abortion boat, saying it was operating outside of its laws prohibiting abortion.

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In 2015, LifeNews reported the group also used drones to deliver abortion drugs to Ireland and Poland in violation of the countries’ pro-life laws.

Women on Waves claims to operate its abortion boat under “high European medical standards,” but it performs abortions and then sails away leaving women without a place to turn for follow-up care or emergency assistance if something goes wrong.

Women on Waves also provides mail-order abortion pills to women across the world. Similarly, the pro-abortion group leaves vulnerable women without a doctor to turn to if something goes wrong; and abortion pills have high complication rates.

According to the clinical trial submitted to the FDA, the RU-486 abortion pill fails in 1 out of 12 women with pregnancies less than or equal to 49 days. Those failures increase to 1 out of every 6 women with pregnancies just one week advanced (50-56 days), and further still to nearly 1 out of every 4 pregnancies at 57-63 days gestational age. When using RU-486, 1 out of 100 women with pregnancies less than or equal to 49 days will require emergency surgery, according to the trial; however, this number increases dramatically to 1 out of every 11 women with pregnancies of 57-63 days gestational age.

Abortion pills also can be deadly to the woman as well as her unborn child. In 2009, the maker of the abortion drug RU-486 reported at least 29 women died from taking it. Women who died from the abortion drugs died from bacterial infections such as toxic shock, hemorrhaging, ruptured ectopic pregnancy and massive heart attack.