Illinois Governor Rauner is Right to Veto Bill Forcing Taxpayers to Fund Abortions

State   |   Tom Ciesielka   |   Apr 19, 2017   |   7:15PM   |   Springfield, IL

Today, well-funded, pro-abortion lobbyists are publicly chastising Governor Rauner for stating he would veto HB 40 should it reach his desk. Illinois Right to Life applauds Governor Rauner for opposing the extreme and out-of-touch HB 40.

For approximately 36 years, Illinois has covered abortions in cases of rape, incest, and where the health and life of the mother are threatened. In its current form, House Bill 40 expands Medicaid coverage for all abortions.

House Bill 40 requires Illinois citizens to pay for abortions for state employees and for women on Medicaid, through the full nine months of pregnancy, for any reason. This bill would force Illinois to provide free abortions to a mother whose unborn child’s heart is beating, who can feel the pain of being dismembered, and can potentially survive outside the womb.

Furthermore, HB 40 includes no restrictions, allowing for free abortions of babies diagnosed with Down syndrome and for reasons of birth control, and does not limit the number of abortions a woman can have.

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“The majority of Illinoisans agree that providing free abortions for any reason for state employees and for those on Medicaid is outrageous,” said Emily Troscinski, executive director of Illinois Right to Life. “We applaud Governor Rauner for representing the people of our state by opposing this bill that could cost taxpayers millions of dollars by providing free abortions for any reason, including those abortions in which the unborn child can feel the pain of being dismembered.

“Crain’s Chicago Business reported that Illinois has become an ‘oasis for women’ seeking abortions in the Midwest. With HB 40, Illinois could see an increase of 12,000 abortions per year, all at the taxpayers’ expense.”

Troscinski added, “The people of Illinois sent Governor Rauner to Springfield to fix our broken and despairing state. Illinois citizens know that spending millions of dollars to provide free abortions for reasons of birth control doesn’t solve our state’s debt crisis. We applaud Governor Rauner, who is considered pro-choice, for representing the majority of Illinoisans by opposing this bill.”