Two Abortionists Are Out of Work and Their Abortion Clinics are Closed

National   |   Kelsey Hazzard   |   Apr 18, 2017   |   11:34AM   |   Washington, DC

Last week, two abortionists found themselves out of work, at least temporarily.

Michigan abortionist Thomas Gordon has had his medical license suspended for 60 to 180 days for his failure to report several criminal convictions to the state Department of Licensing and Medical Affairs. Gordon is the sole abortionist at a Grand Rapids abortion business named Heritage Clinic.

The suspension is a start, but not enough. Gordon’s criminal past is extremely troubling, and he has no business practicing medicine whatsoever, let alone having intimate access to women in crisis situations:

Gordon was not complying with the state’s Public Health Code by not reporting convictions for aggravated assault, domestic violence, disorderly person and operating while intoxicated.

In 2010, Gordon’s wife, Shelly, claimed he had beaten her and put a gun to her head in seeking a personal protection order.

In the 2012 domestic violence incident that involved the criminal conviction, police reports indicated Gordon said to his then wife, “I’ll shoot you and any one that ________ with me.”

Always remember: the abortion industry IS. NOT. FEMINIST. Sadly, as is too often the case, Michigan officials are letting Gordon off with a slap on the wrist, requiring him to undergo “independent mental health and chemical dependency/substance abuse evaluations.”

Also last week, the Louisiana Right to Life Foundation (LRTLF) learned that a Shreveport abortion business has closed its doors:

The LRTLF obtained a letter from attorney David Brown with the Center for Reproductive Rights, addressed to Federal Judge John W. deGravelles on April 3. The letter stated that the Bossier City Medical Suite, a plaintiff in June Medical Services LLC vs. Rebekah Gee, closed on or around March 30.

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Bossier City Medical Suite “ceased business and returned its license, by mail, to the Louisiana Department of Health,” Brown wrote.

The letter also stated that Bossier’s physician, identified only as John Doe 3, M.D., “intends to continue providing abortion care to Louisiana women at a clinic yet to be determined.”

Bossier City Medical Suite was staffed by abortionist James C. Degueurce III. He previously worked at Causeway Medical Suite, another now-defunct Louisiana abortion center; according to a 2011 state inspection report, Causeway failed to adopt appropriate protocols to report sexual abuse of minors.

In a statement, the Center for Reproductive Rights claimed: “Bossier City Medical provided high-quality, safe, legal care to women in Louisiana for decades and we are saddened that they have closed their doors.”

LifeNews Note: Kelsey Hazzard is the head of Secular Pro-Life and this article originally appeared at its blog.