Country Artist Kimberly Dunn Will Perform Concert for Pro-Life Pregnancy Center

State   |   Micaiah Bilger   |   Apr 18, 2017   |   2:18PM   |   Abilene, Texas

A country music singer and a group of Texas college students are teaming up to help support babies and moms in their community.

The Optimist reports country artist Kimberly Dunn is headlining a benefit concert on Friday, organized by the ACU for Life club at Abilene Christian University in Texas.

All the proceeds from the concert will be given to the Pregnancy Resources of Abilene, which provides material and emotional support to help moms choose life for their unborn babies. It offers free pregnancy testing, ultrasounds, baby and maternity supplies, counseling and more.

“Our goal for this event is to not only make ourselves known more to ACU, but also to the community,” said Tori Wilson, co-president of the pro-life club.

Dunn became popular on the country music scene after winning the Battle of the Bands contest at Texas A&M in 2010. She will share the stage Friday with local country musicians Taylor Ochs and Will Herridge.

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The event may seem small in comparison to the pro-abortion fundraisers that big-name celebrities have been promoting lately. But it’s a good reminder that the pro-life movement’s strength is in the grassroots. In big and small ways, millions of individuals across America make huge differences in the lives of unborn babies and moms every day, through volunteering, donations, education, sidewalk counseling and much more.

Few pro-lifers receive the kind of attention and recognition that pro-abortion celebrities and individuals do, but pro-lifers are making a major impact on society. Abortion rates are dropping to historic lows, and abortion clinics are closing as pro-lifers fight to protect babies and their moms from the pain of abortion.

And thanks to the work of college students like those at ACU for Life, pregnancy resource centers are able to offer more women access to important resources, education and support for themselves and their babies.