She Almost Had an Abortion But “Would Have Missed One of the Greatest Blessings of My Life”

National   |   Micaiah Bilger   |   Apr 17, 2017   |   11:35AM   |   Washington, DC

Nancy Flory was in a really tough spot when she discovered she was pregnant with her fourth child.

In a column for The Stream, Flory said she was 40, recently divorced and struggling with anxiety and depression. When she told her boss about being pregnant, she was fired. Her doctor, her therapist and even her sister told her to consider abortion.

Flory said she was pro-life, but she also felt tempted. A single mother, jobless and overwhelmed, she said she wondered how she would handle another child. And so many people around her were urging her to consider what she never thought she would – abortion.

She wrote:

“I had to sign up for food stamps and government health care. I went to a food pantry at a local Catholic church, loaded up my luxury car that I now could not afford (knowing that I would lose it when enough payments had lapsed) and hoped no one asked me why I was there. The embarrassment and guilt not only over how I got into this predicament but also not being able to provide for my sons was overwhelming.”

Flory said she cried out in pain to God every day, and God answered her. She said people began to help her and her family, bringing them food, gift cards and school supplies, sending notes of encouragement and praying for them. A maintenance man even prayed for her after fixing something at her apartment, and checked on her several times to make sure she and her children were ok.

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Flory said she felt God’s presence most of all when she saw her unborn son on the ultrasound screen and watched his heart beat.

Despite all the fears and pressure, she chose life for her son, Caleb. The little boy recently turned 3 years old, and his mother said he is one of her “greatest blessings.”

If she had chosen to abort Caleb, Flory said she would have missed so many joys, and she would have spent her life wondering what she had destroyed.

“I would have missed my baby calling me ‘Mama’ for the first time. More than that, I would’ve missed hearing him sleepily say ‘Mama, I want you,’ first thing in the morning as he’s waking in his crib,” she wrote.

But because she chose life, Flory does not have to wonder what might have been or regret ending her son’s life. Her choice was not the easiest to make, but it was the best.

She continued:

Yes, I would’ve missed all of the temper fits, the corner time, the spitting, the screaming, the poopy diapers. But I would’ve missed the greatest blessing in my life, too. I would’ve missed an unconditional love that is almost unequaled. Only Jesus did that better.

If I chose death over life, I would’ve still been trying to convince myself that it was only tissue. That I wasn’t ready. That I didn’t make a mistake. That a baby would’ve complicated things. And they do. But in the best way possible.