Abortionist Says He Kills Babies in Abortions Out of Christian “Compassion”

National   |   Micaiah Bilger   |   Apr 6, 2017   |   10:08AM   |   Washington, DC

Abortionist Willie Parker and writer Amanda Marcotte are some of the most radical, illogical abortion activists out there today.

The two got together recently for an interview about Parker’s new book, “Life’s Work: A Moral Argument for Choice.”

Parker is an abortionist who works in Alabama and Georgia. He also loves the media spotlight, and frequently claims he does abortions because he is a Christian. He once described his abortion practice as a “ministry.”

In a new interview with Marcotte, herself a radical abortion activist who often writes vitriolic pro-abortion pieces for Salon, Parker claimed he aborts unborn babies out of Christian “compassion.”

He told Marcotte:

I had reached a point where I concluded that women needing abortion care was not outside the confines of the compassion that I should have for them as a Christian and a physician. Good women have abortions every day. Women with religious faith have abortions every day. As a person of faith, I understand how you can feel conflicted because you feel judged by your tradition, but that you can also choose to interpret your tradition as respecting and honoring the sacredness of your ability to make a decision.”

Ever flattering himself, Parker later described his abortion work as “honorable.”

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“… I decided I would reject that shame that is projected onto me, because I believe my work is honorable. And I would make the effort to battle the attempt to shame women, as well as colleagues who otherwise would be willing to provide this care,” he said.

This type of talk has been getting Parker attention for years.

In 2015, after the Center for Medical Progress released its first undercover video showing Planned Parenthood medical director Dr. Deborah Nucatola eating salad and talking about crushing unborn babies’ bodies, Parker defended her by comparing her situation to “the trial week of Jesus” before his crucifixion.

Then, when Donald Trump won the November election, Parker compared himself to the biblical character Job, a faithful servant of God who suffered intense pain and loss inflicted by Satan.

Parker makes himself out to be a saint with flowery speeches about care, compassion and faith; but his work is ugly and destructive. Killing an innocent, defenseless human being is not compassionate; it’s brutal, callous and evil.