5 Christian Women Defend Aborting Their Unborn Babies: We “Were Being More Faithful to God”

Opinion   |   Micaiah Bilger   |   Apr 6, 2017   |   6:04PM   |   Washington, DC

In what is becoming increasingly typical in women’s magazines, Redbook Magazine published a heavily biased series of women’s abortion stories this week that makes aborting an unborn child seem like a good thing.

The piece, “5 Christian Women Open Up About Their Decisions to Have Abortions,” featured women who had different experiences that led them to abort their unborn babies.

One young woman was raped as a young teen and said she felt shamed by some of her Christian friends because they wrongly assumed she chose to have sex outside of marriage. Another was a woman who struggled with infertility and then became pregnant with a child with disabilities. Two others were pastors.

But every single one of their stories put a positive spin on the deaths of unborn children.

Redbook did not bother to interview any of the many, many women who openly share how they regret aborting their unborn babies, how their abortion was painful and wrong, or how they were deceived or pressured into it.

One of the woman in the magazine series, Moira, a 35-year-old Texas woman, said she worked for a conservative Christian organization when she became pregnant out of wedlock to a man who had pressured her to have sex with him. Afraid that she would get fired, Moira said she decided to have an abortion.

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“I had always assumed that a fetus was A Life, one imbued with a soul, that I would immediately love and have a connection to… but I didn’t,” she said. “I think that’s how I was able to have the abortion. All the things I’d believed about pregnancy didn’t match my actual experience, so though I felt bad in the abstract, getting the abortion was not as emotionally painful as I feared.”

But Moira’s final statement indicates she still does struggle with the knowledge that she aborted her unborn child. She said she wonders whether her abortion was a sin and keeps praying “to find peace.”

Annie, 35, aborted her unborn child while she was working as a youth pastor in Texas.

She said she got pregnant after having sex with her ex-boyfriend, and she figured that her church would stop thinking of her as a good role model for the youth if she told them the truth. So, she covered up her actions by having her unborn child aborted.

“I was being more faithful in my walk with God by ending the pregnancy,” Annie said. “Having a baby at that point would have meant turning away from my call to ministry.”

Sonja, 38, another pastor who volunteers at Planned Parenthood and lobbies for abortion, said she felt God’s love when she aborted her unborn child.

“No matter my ambivalence about finding myself pregnant, having the abortion was absolutely the right and faithful path for me, and I felt God’s love and desire for me to do the best thing for me,” Sonja said.

Redbook is doing a disservice to its readers with such a one-sided piece. The magazine only had to look to Silent No More or dozens of other pro-life organizations to find thousands upon thousands of stories from women who experienced years of suffering after they aborted their unborn babies. These women bravely share their stories to help other women see that killing an unborn child does not help anyone; it only damages women’s lives and destroys their unborn child’s.

The public deserves to hear these stories of pain and regret, too. Unfortunately, many women’s magazines are pushing a pro-abortion agenda and silencing those who support life for babies in the womb.