New Video Exposes Interesting Things About Pro-Abortion Forces in Ireland

International   |   Cora Sherlock   |   Apr 5, 2017   |   1:33PM   |   Dublin, Ireland

Observers of the abortion debate in Ireland have been watching a video which is showing how those who are calling for removal of Ireland’s pro-life laws don’t know very much about what the introduction of abortion to Ireland would mean.

The video was shot on the same day as the recent #Strike4Repeal on International Women’s Day, an event organised by the pro-choice movement in Ireland to demand a referendum to remove the Eighth Amendment, the last constitutional protection for unborn children.

On the day in question, a camera crew joined the marchers on O’Connell Bridge in the centre of Dublin and proceeded to ask attendees what they thought about Ireland’s current laws, and how they should be changed.  What the video showed was a startling lack of concern for the rights of unborn children or the facts surrounding the unborn child.

Many of the attendees told the interviewer that they thought there should be no restrictions whatsoever on abortion.  The mantra “her body, her choice” rang out time and time again even though science clearly shows that the unborn baby has a body that is biologically separate from that of his or her mother.  He or she has separate organs, unique fingerprints and may even have a different blood type.  But like so many other important facts, this has been lost in the myths surrounding the arguments of the pro-choice movement in Ireland.

One marcher even said that she thought you should be allowed to have an abortion one day before the birth of the baby. But a minute later the same marcher admitted that she was only coming out on the march itself “for fun”.

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Other attendees disagreed about whether abortions should be allowed “when consciousness started” or when the baby is viable.  Overall, there was no agreement among those present regarding what they were looking for and this is very much indicative of the wider debate in Ireland.

Pro-life campaigners want the Eighth Amendment is remain in place because they know that every life has value and worth, regardless of the gestational age of the life in question, but also because there is no such thing as restrictive abortion because once abortion is liberalised in any way, there will always be people who will push for it to be allowed on wider and wider grounds.  This is the experience of every other country where abortion has been introduced and this is clearly shown to be the case from this video.

One of the groups to feature in the video is the recently formed “Midwives for Choice” who refused to discuss their campaign on camera but were shown marching with a banner describing how they are “protecting human rights in pregnancy and childbirth”. Considering that there is no right to abortion is international human rights law, but there is a right to life (in Article 3 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights), it’s difficult to see how this claim stands up.

The video is one of those rare opportunities to see the pro-choice movement in Ireland being asked the questions that are normally ignored by the mainstream media.  Readers of LifeNews can watch it here: