Indiana House Passes Pro-Life Bill to Strengthen Parental Notification Before Teen Abortions

State   |   Indiana Right to Life   |   Apr 4, 2017   |   1:54PM   |   Indianapolis, IN

Today, the Indiana House of Representatives passed Senate Bill (SB) 404 by a bipartisan vote of 74-23. SB 404 protects minor girls, increases parental rights and helps victims of sex trafficking.

“We extend our thanks to Rep. Peggy Mayfield and the full Indiana House for passing SB 404,” said Sue Swayze Liebel, Indiana Right to Life Vice President of Public Affairs. “We have been advocating strongly for SB 404 because it protects young girls whose pregnancy was the result of sexual abuse. The bill changes reporting requirements to the Indiana State Department of Health and the Indiana Department of Child Services from ‘less than 14 years of age’ to ‘less than 16 years of age.’

“SB 404 increases parental rights by providing civil recourse if a parent or guardian learns someone fraudulently posed as them in order to help their minor daughter obtain an abortion. It places new requirements on abortion businesses to help ensure the person giving a minor girl permission for an abortion is actually her parent or guardian. Finally, it highlights the important role that parents have in the health of their young daughter by requiring judges to consider parental notification in every judicial bypass hearing.

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“SB 404 also extends help to victims of sex trafficking or those being coerced into abortion. Additionally, it updates Indiana abortion facility licensing provisions to account for the growing number of chemical abortions in the state.

“We appreciate the many Hoosiers who took the time to contact their state representative to vote ‘yes’ on SB 404.”

SB 404 passed the Indiana Senate on Feb. 28 by a vote of 36-13. Because the House made changes to SB 404, the bill’s original author will either accept changes or the Senate and House will appoint a conference committee.