Abortion Activist Knocks Down Pro-Life Signs and Screams Profanities at Pro-Life Students

National   |   Micaiah Bilger   |   Apr 4, 2017   |   5:03PM   |   Austin, Texas

Another pro-life college display was vandalized this spring, this time at Texas State University.

Campus Reform reports a video posted online by a “progressive” student named Emma Brockway showed a young man who appears to be a student punch and kick down pro-life signs and scream profanities at a pro-lifer on campus. The incident occurred Monday, and university officials said they are investigating.

The video shows the young man removing his backpack and putting down a bouquet of flowers before he begins hitting and punching the pro-life display signs.

“Get the f— out of here with this b—!” the unnamed young man screams at the pro-lifer. “This is f— b—! Get this s— out of here!”

The pro-lifer can be heard telling the young man: “It doesn’t matter. This is free speech.”

The young man replies, “No, it’s not, man. It’s wrong.”

Some Texas State students expressed their support of the vandalism. Brockway said she is “pro-choice,” and the pro-life display “annoyed” her.

“I was shocked, but I have to admit I admire him in some ways because I think he did what we were all wanting to do,” Brockway told The Tab. “I am a supporter of free speech, but again, I think everyone was secretly wanting to do what he did.”

Here’s more from the report:

The Pan African Action Committee, an officially recognized group on campus, retweeted the video with raised fist emojis.

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“What can we do to make sure this student is safe from any university action?” the group asked.

Colton Duncan, Vice President of the Student Body, however, decried that people on campus would resort to violence in order to make their political points.

“It is very unfortunate to see radicalism, in whatever form it may come, whether it’s disgustingly racist flyers posted on campus, radical speakers funded and sponsored by the University, or the vandalization of property,” Duncan told Campus Reform. “This growing trend of resorting to violence when disagreements arise must not seep its way into our campus.”

College campuses seem to be becoming increasingly hostile toward pro-lifers. Pro-life displays frequently are vandalized, and pro-life student clubs sometimes are denied official status or funding. In some cases, liberals and abortion activists have praised the vandalism.

In March, a pro-life student display at the University of Colorado at Boulder also was vandalized.

Last October, pro-abortion feminists vandalized another student pro-life display at Marquette University in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, LifeNews reported. The university’s student Democrats club later praised the feminists’ actions.

Abortion activists also vandalized a pro-life display at Southern Methodist University in Texas last spring, kicking down almost 3,000 crosses memorializing unborn victims of abortion.

Some pro-life college students have to seek legal help to be allowed to exercise their freedom to speak up for unborn babies.

In March, a pro-life student club sought legal help after Kutztown University officials in Pennsylvania scrubbed their chalked pro-life messages from the campus sidewalks. The college permitted other groups to write chalk messages on the sidewalk.

And in January, pro-life students filed a lawsuit against Queens College in New York after it denied their Students for Life club official recognition.