Woman Self-Aborted Her Unborn Baby in the Third Trimester and Buried the Body in the Backyard

State   |   Micaiah Bilger   |   Apr 3, 2017   |   6:39PM   |   Richmond, VA

A grand jury recently indicted a Virginia woman on a charge of self-aborting her late-term unborn baby after police discovered the baby’s remains buried in her back yard, according to the Richmond Times-Dispatch.

Michelle Frances Roberts, 43, of Chesterfield County, Virginia, faces a class 4 felony for a charge of producing an abortion/miscarriage with the “intent to destroy her unborn child,” according to the report.

Police did not give details about how Roberts allegedly destroyed her unborn child’s life. Authorities said her baby was in the third trimester, which means the baby was viable outside the womb.

Here’s more from the report:

Chesterfield police said they received information in February 2016 that human skeletal remains were buried in the backyard of an address in the 6200 block of Philbrook Road. Investigators contacted Roberts, a resident of that address, and she advised that the remains were in fact buried in the backyard of a home there.

Investigators obtained a search warrant, and further investigation revealed that the remains had been disposed of about five to six months earlier. Forensic investigators were called to excavate a small area where fetal remains were located, police said.

After an extensive analysis of the baby’s remains, the authorities concluded that the unborn baby had been self-aborted, the New York Post reports. A grand jury began hearing the case on March 5, and recently recommended the indictment of Roberts. She was arrested on Wednesday.

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Abortion advocates have been quick to come to the defense of women who face charges for self-aborting their unborn babies, claiming that abortion restrictions cause women to resort to dangerous self-abortion attempts or back alley abortions.

But the U.S. has some of the most unrestricted abortion laws in the world. And after more than four decades of legalized abortion on demand, so-called “back alley” abortionists practice out in the open, injuring and killing women and their unborn babies; and women still attempt to kill their unborn babies themselves.

The infamous U.S. Supreme Court decision Roe v. Wade did nothing to stop these tragedies, which were infrequent prior to 1973. One abortion advocate-turned pro-lifer admitted that the statistics about women dying from illegal abortions prior to Roe were made up.

Roe increased injuries and deaths from abortion by making it legal. As a result, more than 58 million babies and more than 347 women have died in the past four decades.