Pro-Lifers Believe Women are Smart. Abortion Activists Think Women are Stupid. Here’s Why

Opinion   |   Kirk Walden   |   Mar 31, 2017   |   4:15PM   |   Washington, DC

Mulling over NARAL’s latest attacks on pregnancy help ministries, I’m reminded of a major difference we have with the abortion industry. This one is fundamental. Key. Vital. And Simple.

The abortion industry’s attacks on our work use words such as “deceptive,” “dangerous” (as editor Jay Hobbs pointed out the other day) and everyone’s favorite word today, “fake.”

The abortion industry wants the world to believe women seeking abortion wander into our centers unaware that we don’t perform abortions. It’s not worth going through every advertising campaign I’ve ever seen, but I’ve yet to find one pregnancy help center touting abortion services. Not one.

Yes, we provide information everyone considering this horrible procedure should know. Yes, we provide choices (many more than the abortion industry, which offers but one product). But no, we do not advertise abortion services.

This is not to say we haven’t received a call from a woman seeking abortion; it happens all the time. We then share what we do offer—which is a lot—and a woman may then make her decision about coming in our doors.

And this is the difference. We believe women are smart. We believe women—and men—can figure out for themselves whether we are the place to go. The abortion industry believes women—the very women they march on behalf of—are too naïve, or perhaps just not bright enough, to understand what we do.

Further, the abortion industry wants us to think that when a woman comes in our door and spends time with us, she is subjected to some sort of irreversible brain-washing which forces her to choose life. Apparently, we are so “dangerous” we must be stopped.

But again, the difference. We believe women are smart. When given options and alternatives, most women who come in our door weigh those options and choose life. This much is true.

The abortion industry believes women are totally unable to properly discern their options and thus, are easily swayed by anyone who offers a life-affirming alternative. Whatever happened to empowered women? The abortion industry apparently cannot find any.

But—as they say in the infomercials—that’s not all.

What does the abortion industry say about the fact that most of our patients and clients nationwide come to pregnancy help ministries via referral? Are we to believe that we’ve been so successful at coercion, those we’ve served are now blindly bringing others to our door?

Let’s ask again: Are women smart? The abortion industry does not think so.

In short, they want us to believe our patients and clients come back to us again and again not because they appreciate our assistance, but because we are what, brainwashing them?

It’s amazing, really.

This fact, along with the fact that our approval ratings are so high, can lead us only two directions.

Either the pregnancy help community is serving clients and patients well; earning respect, return visits and referrals . . .

Or, we must conclude women are so—and it is uncomfortable to even use this word again—stupid, they cannot see what a danger we must be.

It is one or the other. It cannot be both.

As attacks against us ramp up, our response is clear: We believe in women. We believe women are smart, and know how to separate fact from fiction. For these reasons, pregnancy help ministries continue to grow.

Because as women find out what pregnancy help ministries offer, they are deciding to check us out. And inside our doors, they are finding hope.

This is more good news for women, and bad news for the crumbling abortion industry.

LifeNews Note: Kirk Walden is a senior writer with Pregnancy Help News, where this originally appeared, and an Advancement Specialist with Heartbeat International and author of The Wall.