This Woman is Going to Dance Around in a Giant Birth Control Packet to Promote Abortion

National   |   Micaiah Bilger   |   Mar 24, 2017   |   12:51PM   |   Washington, DC

An Ohio burlesque performer created a homemade birth control suit to promote abortions during her show this week.

Cosmopolitan reports Kelley Freeman is 26 years old, pregnant and an avid abortion supporter.

A burlesque performer at Ooh-La-Las in Cleveland, Ohio, Freeman said she spent five hours making her birth control pill package-shaped costume out of cardboard and glue.

The abortion activist said the costume is part of her performance in the show “Bustin’ Stigma” to benefit abortions. She said she plans to sing Loretta Lynn’s “The Pill” and wear the costume at the end of her performance.

The burlesque show this week is a fundraiser for Women Have Options, an Ohio pro-abortion group that helps women pay to have their unborn babies aborted.

Here’s more from the report:

She’s been a longtime supporter of Women Have Options, but added that being pregnant has only made her all the more pro-choice. “This is something I want to do, and I can’t imagine being forced to go through it,” Freeman said. “I threw up last week because of an overripe orange somewhere in my kitchen! It’s not the beautiful sunshine picnic anti-choicers seem to try to make it.”

Abortion activists have been doing a lot of fundraising for Planned Parenthood and other abortion groups lately. They claim that women need free and easy access to abortion on demand, while attacking pregnancy centers that offer women alternatives to abortion.

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Freeman’s Ohio-based group claims, “As supporters of Women Have Options, you’re not just providing financial assistance, but you are telling those in need that they deserve this support.”

But the abortion industry does not empower women. It only kills their unborn babies and then sends the women back out into the world to continue dealing with their problems. Truly supporting women means offering help and encouragement for themselves and their unborn babies. Women do not need to kill their unborn babies to be free.