Woman Pregnant With 4 Babies After IVF Regrets “Selective Reduction” Abortion of One Baby

Bioethics   |   Sarah Terzo   |   Mar 23, 2017   |   6:50PM   |   Washington, DC

A woman who had In Vitro Fertilization done and conceived four babies had a “selective reduction” where one baby was aborted. A pro-choice therapist asked her some questions:

“Did you feel like you got enough emotional support during the pregnancy reduction?”

“No, not really. Mostly because the people we talked to mainly were doctors and medical people and they were all coming from the point of view that it was dangerous medically to carry that many babies….but because that was the only side I was getting, I wished later that I’d known I had more of a choice to keep all four…I felt like there was a whole emotional piece  missing….and also no one ever said we could consider keeping all four and I think now, why wasn’t that an option?…I’m not blaming anyone; I just wish I’d had another point of view to consider.”

The therapist then asked:

“And did you – I know this might be a difficult question to answer – but how did you decide which one to reduce? Did you leave it up to the doctor?”

“Yes. They really just…picked the smallest baby,” she said, her voice choking, beginning to cry. “I’m really feeling the loss now, because…that little one…just because it was little, you know…lost its life.”

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Other women who have undergone selective reduction say they regret aborting one baby every time they look at the surviving babies.. They will always wonder what the other baby would’ve been like.

Selective reduction is usually done by injecting poison into the heart of the baby being aborted, killing him or her. When the woman goes to term, she gives birth to her living babies as well as the dead one.

Selective reduction  is often done in cases of in vitro fertilization when multiple embryos are placed inside the woman.  Because many embryos from IVF fail to implant, doctors often place multiple embryos in the womb to increase the odds of a viable pregnancy. Sometimes this leads to more than the desired number of children growing in the womb. Specialists then pressure women to abort one or more babies to increase the chances that the others survive to term. In reality, if there are three babies, selective reduction to one only increases the odds of a healthy birth slightly.

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Selective reduction is also done on request when a woman is pregnant with twins or triplets but wants only one baby.

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