Planned Parenthood Videos Describe Abortion Without Mentioning the Baby, It’s “Passing Clots” “Like a Miscarriage”

National   |   Micaiah Bilger   |   Mar 21, 2017   |   11:41AM   |   Washington, DC

About a year ago, the pro-life group Live Action produced a series of educational videos that explained how each type of abortion procedure destroys an unborn baby’s life.

The short videos, complete with medically accurate drawings and descriptions by Dr. Anthony Levatino, a former abortionist, reached millions of viewers on YouTube and other social media platforms.

Now, the abortion chain Planned Parenthood has come up with its own videos to show what they claim “actually happens when you get an abortion.” The problem is that their videos never mention the baby in the womb and offer only a few vague descriptions about how the abortion procedure works.

Teen Vogue described the new abortion videos this way:

With more and more restrictions on legal abortion being made law, it’s important that we know all the facts. That way, instead of talking about abortion in hypotheticals or scenarios, we can talk factually, about what’s really going on. To do that, we not only have to know what you can and can’t do regarding abortion, we also have to know what actually happens when you get an abortion. Abortion is a safe, common and legal medical procedure. Planned Parenthood made it even easier to get educated on what abortion actually is with two recent videos, outlining the two different kinds of abortions you can get.

One Planned Parenthood video describes the chemical, or medication, abortion process as “very similar to an early miscarriage.” According to the abortion group, a chemical abortion “involves passing clots and tissue, like a very heavy period.” The video shows a basic drawing of a uterus with a little red dot to represent the “pregnancy” (the unborn baby). The video shows the red dot detaching from the side of the uterus and exiting the womb.

The video mentions that the abortion drug RU-486 blocks the hormone progesterone to “end the pregnancy.” What it does not say is that the drug cuts off “blood and nourishment to the baby, who then dies inside the mother’s womb,” according to Dr. Levatino.

The second video describes “in-clinic abortions,” or surgical abortions, this way: “a doctor or nurse or other healthcare provider empties your uterus using gentle suction and sometimes other medical tools.” Again, the video shows a tiny dot in the uterus as it is being suctioned out. It never mentions that the dot actually is a unique, living human being.

Planned Parenthood makes it look as if the unborn baby was nothing more than an insignificant little red blob. Its videos do not tell women that before 10 weeks (abortion pills are used up to 10 weeks), the unborn baby has a heartbeat and detectable brain waves, fingers, toes and reproductive organs.

The videos end by telling women that an abortion can be an easy or difficult decision, but “only you know what’s right for you.”

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To determine what’s right, women deserve to know all the facts about abortion, and Planned Parenthood does not provide them. Over the years, LifeNews has reported numerous stories of women who said Planned Parenthood lied to them or refused to give them information about their unborn babies or alternatives to abortion.

From a survey of women who had abortions at Planned Parenthood, 95 percent stated that the abortion company’s counselor gave them “little or no biological information about the fetus which the abortion would destroy.”

One woman who recently wrote to the Christian women’s blog Sheologians said Planned Parenthood manipulated her and tried to pressure her to have an abortion. A rape victim, she said she went in looking for adoption information and support, but did not receive any from the abortion group.

In a 2011 article in the Washington Examiner, former Planned Parenthood worker Catherine Anthony Adair explained why the company dehumanizes the baby:

Planned Parenthood’s mission is to pressure as many women into having an abortion as it can. Those in charge know that can’t be accomplished if they refer to the child as a “baby.”

Then women would know what was really growing inside them: a little person with a beating heart, functioning nervous system, tiny hands and feet. The child is entirely disregarded. There is no counseling, no care, no waiting and no discussion. Once a pregnancy is confirmed, it is off to termination.